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  1. R1KVX

    1.6 TDI custom remapping available!

    what's the stats?
  2. R1KVX

    A1 1.6 TDI remap?

    Have you ever thought about getting an Abt engine controller?
  3. R1KVX

    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    1. cribbon - audi a4 b7 170 2. SmoothAssault - audi a4 b6 190 3. Bigblokey0 - Audi A3 8p 2.0 TFSI 4. ScottB5 - Audi A4 B5 1.9TDI Avant + Camping. (I can't make my ****** mind up what I'm doing!!) 5. Jay A3- Audi A3 8l (Maybe camping) 6. CMD - A4 hotel 7. bigrich690 - Audi A4 b7 140 +...
  4. R1KVX

    Audi S3 8L owners living in MK?? - n249 bypass..

    i've done mine on my amk s3 live in mk too
  5. R1KVX

    Audi's in the Park

    do you need a club pass or do you just tell up? I've put my name down on the list
  6. R1KVX

    revo sps switch

    yeah has a revo stage 1, have you got one?
  7. R1KVX

    S3 boost Problem??

    i've got the same problem, just swapped my standard n75 valve with my mates ecs n75 off his cupra r, much better going to just replace it with a standard one from audi though
  8. R1KVX

    AUDIS IN THE PARK 2011 - GUEST LIST - (for use of adding names only NOT discussions)

    1. The Doctor (Paul), Silver S3 8L 2. FranA3 (Fran), Red A3 8P 3. L1 HCS, Ming Blue A3 8L 4. Voorhees S3 8L (If still got) Or the 8L? 5. JoJo (Joe) S3 8L 6. Stacey Bear, Ming Blue A3 8L 7. Generalwest, Nogaro Blue S3 8L 8. drmole - (Darren & Lizzie) - A4 B7 2.0t 9. Shez & Nikki - A4 B7...
  9. R1KVX

    revo sps switch

    Hi guys need some help please, thinking of getting a sps any they any good? easy to install? can i pick a economic map?
  10. R1KVX

    GTI International 2011 25th+26th June. OFFICIAL THREAD

    yeah i thought that, just thought the amount of people saying that they would think i'm trying to blag them
  11. R1KVX

    GTI International 2011 25th+26th June. OFFICIAL THREAD

    is there anyone on the list for the club stand, but haven't got the club pass yet? or is it just me lol just wondering how im going to get through to the club stand?
  12. R1KVX

    GTI International 2011 25th+26th June. OFFICIAL THREAD

    any convoys from milton keynes area going to inters? (sunday)
  13. R1KVX

    buying audi paint

    look in your owners book,
  14. R1KVX

    ECS ultimate dogbone kit - has anyone got any views on this kit sold by Awsome gti

    my friend has it on his leon cupra r, one word stiff! :sadlike:
  15. R1KVX

    what car did you drive before your 8L ?

    Vectra Gsi (204 Bhp)
  16. R1KVX

    cambelt change

    yeah s3 amk
  17. R1KVX

    cambelt change

    Hi guys any ideas on what mileage the cambelt should be changed?
  18. R1KVX


    to be honest I don't know sorry to be an idiot but whats the best way to find out, I put my friends liquid gauge on the other day but I don't know how accurate they are? All I want is to get my car running right and the power smooth
  19. R1KVX

    haldex issues on dyno?? :(

    the esp was turned off, is that what you mean?