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    Changing up

    I am seriously considering changing from my S3 to a fairly new RS4 are there any significant running costs to take into account account. Build quality aside, why an RS4 and not a M3. Your advise is very welcome and appreciated.
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    Am I going nuts?

    Help me please! About two weeks ago I came home from playing badmington, locked the car as usual. The next morning went to the car and the drivers window was fully open. No big deal must have left it open by mistake. Tonight, took the wife shopping and for some food. Definately did not have my...
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    What steering wheel

    I have just bought a PS2 with the GT4 game I am thinking of buying the Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheel. Is it any good, is it worth the extra cost and is it worth tracking down because they are like rocking horse sh!t to find.
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    Revo DAB Adaptor

    Anyone got one of these or knows someone that has. I want DAB in the car, but I do not want to replace the original unit as I think it looks good in the car. You can plug this unit into the existing stereo and you can receive DAB broadcasts. Here's the link:
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    Photoblocker Spray

    Found this item on Ebay. It is a spray you apply to your number plates, it is supposed to refect the light back at a camera and your registration cannot be read. Has anyone had experience of this? Does it...
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    Alloy wheel repairs

    I have 18" RSTT wheels on the car and kerbed one recently, it has removed the paint. Can anyone give me some advice on how to repir it myself.
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    Tyre Prices

    This may be of interest to the Welsh boys. I have just had two new Michellin Pilot Sport tyres fitted to the car for an MOT. Mytyres are currently quoting £184 a corner, I had mine supplied and fitted for £127 each at Sardis Road Tyres. They have some really good deals on most makes of tyres...
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    A4 1.9TDI v A4 2.5 TDI v BMW 330D

    Had the S3 for a while now and I am thinking about a change to diesel. What are you opinions and comments on which of the above cars is the best to get. If I change I will be getting the car re-mapped by AMD.
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    The best car ad bar none.

    Have a look at this. Follow the instructions to the letter and have some fun, especially with the nervous types out there.
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    New Skoda RS Diesel

    Anyone on here heard about this car.I have been told that it flies. I have had a look on Skoda UK's web site, but there is nothing there. It is told that there will be limited numbers, if anyone hears anything could they please post.
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    What next?

    Been putting in some overtime and have some spare cash. I call it spare cause if the wife knew what I intend spending it on that's what she would go. I was wondering what is the next performance upgrade for the car. Already have a re-map and 18" rims, so I'm looking for the most gain for the...
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    Samco Hoses

    I am thinking about changing all my standard hoses over to Samco hoses, anyone got them fitted. If so what is the difference, I'm not convinced that they will make that much difference, but if you think they do I will fit them. Any opinions will be appreciated.
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    Side Lights

    Feel a bit of a dumbo asking this question, but has anyone tried chaging the side light bulbs on their car. I have been told that they are push in and pull out fittings. I have been fiddling with them for a while now, but they are well set in and do not seem to want to come out. I do not want...
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    Drivers Attitude

    I have had my S3 for two months now, over the moon with the speed, power and quality. The only thing that is spoiling my experience are other drivers. Young guys in modded cars are great. They let me out and let me in at junctions they really like the car. My main problems are with older...
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    Water Leak in the Cabin

    Had my S3 for about 2 months. Last week we had some heavy rain with high winds. The car was parked overnight on the drive. My drive drops from the road down to the house and the car was parked nose down. When I went to use it in the morning there was a pool of water in the passenger footwell. I...
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    Update to S3 Power Problems

    Posted a thread a few weeks ago that I was having power problems with the car. It was as if someone had turned off the turbo. There was no warning lights. Tried to get the car looked at by the local Audi specialist, but he could not arrange a courtesy car. The problem turned into a mis-fire last...
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    MOVED: S3 Boost Problem

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