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  1. chrisred

    Q5 Bought a Q5, no spare key

    Hi all I've tried a local replacement key company, and had to cancel my order as they said they have a 50% success rate on the key that plugs into the dashboard. Any other options or is this an Audi only job? Cheers
  2. chrisred

    Help identifying this noise

    S3 with just over 40k on, recently had a service + cam belt change but this noise was happening before. A local independent doesn't know what it is, any ideas before I take it to the stealers? It's more...
  3. chrisred

    S3 Cam belt - 5 years / 35k

    Received a text from Audi that 'TIMING IS EVERYTHING' <grin> They say 5 years or 75k, am coming up to 5 years but only have 35k. That's half of what they say mileage wise , and previously I'd never expect to change a cam belt at 35k. Worth doing or not? I probably won't keep the car beyond...
  4. chrisred

    North west tyres

    Any recommendations for 225/40/18s in the North West - Liverpool / Manchester or somewhere in between? Blackcircles seem to have a good range of yokos for around the £100 mark fitted from Atlas street in St Helens. Had a look in Costco the other day, Michelins pilot sport 2 for £140 incl VAT...
  5. chrisred

    New 3.2 V6 owner

    Hi all Newbie alert first post, picked up an 04 3.2 V6 last week which has brought the smile back to my face which had long gone with my previous Golf GTI 1.8T (which to be fair served me pretty well) It's an S-line DSG and am really pleased after some initial reservations about the auto box...