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  1. Allen

    Where is the boot light switch?

    My boot light in my Avant wont come on when I open the boot. Works fine on the manual switch. Cant find another switch for it?
  2. Allen

    Upgraded my headlight lamps

    Was planning on going for HID's but ended up just upgrading my lamps for now. Achieved the look I wanted for fraction of the price. Yet to see how they are at night but will let you know Went for these for dipped and main And these for sidelights Sidelights Before...
  3. Allen

    15mm Wheel Spacers fitted (with pics)

    Not really to show off the look. More just for a reference for people to see the difference Will take some better pics on weekend though to show them off with my new tints :eyebrows: There is one BIG problem with them though.... I now want coilovers to finish it off... Rear Before...
  4. Allen

    Side repeaters

    Do B7 side repeaters fit a B6. They look the same but says on add to fit 2004-2007. On another add they say to fit 2001 onwards?
  5. Allen

    Ken Block at it again

  6. Allen

    My heater smells of wee...

    No other way if describing it but when I start my car, the first few seconds of air that comes out smells like a tramps trousers? Any ideas?
  7. Allen

    My Dolphin Avant

    After one week of owner ship im very pleased with it. Have removed the rear badges, tow bar and "surfer dude" stickers all over the windows. Wheels have been sprayed Dolphin inside. Looks nice Wheel spacer, tints and HID's to follow soon Enjoy...
  8. Allen

    My iPhone install

    Fitted my stereo (eventually) in the week and came up with good idea on where to put my connector for my iPhone for the stereo... Nice and tidy and hidden... TA DA!!!
  9. Allen

    PC9 404 - Wires dont match up?

    Dont know if i ordered the right one but the wires dont match fitting after market head unit? As you can see... Any ideas?
  10. Allen

    Removing stickers

    Got myself an A4 Avant after about 6 months of searching. Was a worth while wait though I think. Pics to follow when the sun comes out Was owned by a surfer so it has stickers on the windows. My missis tried to peel them off but lost interest after about 30 seconds cause they wouldn't come...
  11. Allen

    Ungrateful little sh!t

    Came home from walking the dog and found a mobile on the pavement outside my house. Done the good thing and looked through phonebook for "Home" and called it (from my own phone might I add) to say I found it. A woman answered and said its her sons. She then started telling me her address to...
  12. Allen

    Viewing car... looks high?

    Looking at car tomorrow... Looks really high? Is it due to the big wheels? Been looking at sports alot so dont know if its the lower suspension on them making it look high? (Yes I would remove the RS4 badge straight away...)
  13. Allen

    Has Akoya Silver got pink in it?

    Found a car thats Akoya Silver. Trying to find out what sort of silver it is and people are calling it girly as its got pink and lilac tinge to it? Looks ok to me... Some good pics would be great...
  14. Allen

    Viewing well spec'd 3.0. Price?

    Seems very well spec'd but possibly over priced still? Cheers in advance
  15. Allen

    Red Recaros in Avant...

    I've got some red Recaros that I took out of my Type R. How do you think they'll look in a A4 Avant. Don't know whether to sell them or keep for when I get the A4. These ones... To Jap style for a A4?...
  16. Allen

    Everest 4 Heroes - Help For Heroes Charity

    Just spreading the word about this. One of the members is my Dad so please show your support to our injured troops... All 29,035 feet of the World's highest peak, Mount Everest, is to be sold for £5 per foot. 'Everest 4 Heroes' – a team of 8 Military Veterans from all 3 services, who have...
  17. Allen

    Attention all iPhone jailbreakers!!!

    It's all over cydia and rock, but... Do not upgrade to 3.1.3!! It seems apple have caught on to jailbreaking and they're not very pleased. If you upgrade you will NOT be able to jailbreak or if you already have you will loose everything.
  18. Allen

    iPhone icon

    Dont know if you can but... When you bookmark a website on your iPhone you can add it to your home screen. On some sites when you do this it has its own icon. e.g Pistonheads has its piston/face thing. Dont know how/who does this?... Cheers
  19. Allen

    Sorry I'm annoying...

    After driving a 1.8t 163 and a 3.0 Quattro I wanted the 3.0. I've come across this going to view it tomorrow... What you reckon? How does the 163 and 190 compare? A bit confused by the Sport...