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    golf2.0 tdi clutch help

    Hi all. Ive just fitted new clutch slave cylinder to the above car. The clutch pedal is now free moving. If I press the clutch pedal it stays on the floor. Ican easily lift the pedal up by hand. Any ideas on how to get any pressure so I can bleed the system. thanks.
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    1999 s3 tyre noise

    Thanks a lot. Will have a good look when it's light.
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    1999 s3 tyre noise

    Thanks. Yeah your right just a noise sounds like the tyres dragging.
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    1999 s3 tyre noise

    Halsey controller or diff is that? Thanks.
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    1999 s3 tyre noise

    hi all get a funny noise from rear tyres on full lock. Any ideas. Thanks.
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    8l s3

    Hi all. I pulled fuse 31 what a difference. No locking up of rear wheels on hard turning. And sh#t is it fast. Looks like a new haldex controller is on the cards. Anyone know where is best to get one? Thanks all
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    8l s3

    Cheers all. Will have a look if I have fuse 31. Cheers
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    8l s3

    My rear wheels seem to loc up when im turning hard. Guess it's the diff? It's a 1999 pre facelift. Cheers.
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    8l s3

    Hi all. Is there a fuse I can pull to run my s3 in 2wd. Also will it damage the car? Thanks all.
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    s3 8l tow bar

    Hi all. Not sure if this is the right section. If it's not can someone please point me in the right direction Has anyone got a tow bar for sale for a 1999 s3 8l. Cheers.
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    my s3 knows its christmas

    Last christmas eve I went out in the car and power steering pipi split. Jumped in the car this morning drove about a mile and the car started wandering violently and clicking when I turn. Looks like n/s/f outer cv joint has gone. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    Finally Have my S3!!!

    badger 5 tip, s2000 air filter and revo remap. whats yours boosting too? mine site at 20 psi on boost.
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    Finally Have my S3!!!

    Nice motor mate. Im just down the road from you. I have a pre facelift.
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    what power should i expect

    Hi all. I have a 1999 s3 8l. It has badger 5 tip, s2000 airfilter, n249 delete, and a revo re map. Im having the car rolling road run at the end of the month. What sort of power do you guys think I should get? Thanks all.
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    crash sensor 1999 s3 8l

    No airbag light. My interior light comes on when it wants to also unlocking the car. I've had the codes read. And says crash sensor. Vehicle on roof.
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    crash sensor 1999 s3 8l

    Hi all. I've got a pre facepift s3 with a buggered crash sensor. Does anyone know where on the car it's locatex please? Thanks.
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    Come on down and post your mileage please

    1999 apy s3 154000. All original. And still really strong. It has been well serviced.
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    Audi Quattro and rolling road

    Does that mean I could run my 1999 s3 with haldex in 2 wd?
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    s3 8l remote central locking. please help

    Hi all ive had my 1999 s3 8l for a year now and the remote locking has never worked. Ive tried programming it myself several times with no joy. So today I took it to an ex audi technician who has vcds. He plugged into the car. And the was one fault showing saying open circuit crash. I have...
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    APY S3 Engine Detail......

    Looks sweet mate. Might have to do mine now.