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    Injectors for S3?

    So trying to decided between RS4 injectors or the new RS3 8V injectors. I'm leaning towards RS4 since I can pick up a set for £280 compared to the RS3 8V at £500 but not sure how to modify the loom to suit the RS4 injectors. Can you buy modified looms from somewhere or anyone have any info on...
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    TTE420 Build Prep, any suggestions and advice?

    So I'm beginning my TTE420 build on my 2011 Audi S3 8P Hardware needed: Runner Flap Delete (Ordered) LPFP In tank A35HV (Ordered) Possibly change to TSI Basket to make it fit RS4 Return Fuel Valve (Ordered) RS3 Injectors TTE420 I'm aware just chaging the LPFP can have issues on hard cornering...
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    Injectors for TTE420 Build?

    Looking into injectors for when I upgrade to the TTE420 Turbo and wondered what people recommended. Most I've seen either just use the standard ones to their limit, RS4 or APR's Upgraded one's. I'm leaning towards the RS4 one's in terms of price and been tried and tested but wondered if there...
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    Different gearbox map to engine map?

    Just wondering if anyone has a different gearbox map to their engine map or know if this is possible? Currently running APR engine and gearbox maps but wanting to switch to custom engine map and wondered if it would be alright since it's obviously running on a seperate ECU
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    Cam chain need's replaced or something else? (video)

    Best heard at 0:26 and 0:49 and 1:04 It just doesn't sound right to me. Just used to the engine noise and feel this isn't a normal one. Understand the enigne is tappy/ticky and not referring to that noise but the other background like mechanical heavier clunky-ish noise. Suspect the cam chain...
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    Heat wrap tape on Intake/Heatshield?

    So I've been looking into some gold heat wrap tape to reduce the heat coming off my turbo up through the heatshield and into the cold air intake. I was wondering if other's have done this on the forum? Also would it be alright to put the tape on the underside of the heatshield or better just...
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    LPFP upgrade?

    So looking into the LPFP for the S3's that some tuners recommend when going for the TTE420 route. Options I've seen are: APR LPFP system DeatschWerks DW65v High-Flow Fuel Pump RS3/TTRS Fuel Pump I know how APR's system works but lot more expensive than the other two. I believe the...
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    Front brake disc size Audi S3 ?

    I was looking on one of the thread's about Audi S3 front brake disc sizes and couldn't work out what size of disc's I would need. I got this from that thread: 4 wheel drive 1KF are 260mm 1KJ 1KU are 286mm 1KW 2EA are 310mm (RS3 312mm) But I don't know where I get those codes from? My car is a...
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    Fitting TTS Cover?

    So I seem to be struggling to do the simplest of things haha. I'm trying to remove two engine bolts to put in the TTS engine cover but I get them so far out and then they just spin and keep popping down so to speak. This is the cover I'm trying to fit and top two bolts are one's I'm having...
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    My review of APR Stage 2+, Gearbox map and Ecotune

    So to start off I've just got APR Stage 2+ and gearbox map from Ecotune Scotland (Long read warning will be summary at end) I'll start off with the bad points. The gearbox map is not worth it in my opinion. It's made the rev's for each gear too high and gear changes are much less frequent. For...
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    Anyone fitted S3 Downpipe? Advice needed

    So away to fit my sports cat downpipe to my S3 and wondered how I went about moving the prop shaft to get standard pipe out? Is it just a case of loosening the three star shaped sort of bolts and then pushing to side or does it need to come out?
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    Strange pop from cone when coming off rev's?

    So I have a Ramair Intake (cone filter) fitted to my S3 and noticed there seems to be a pop noise after the rev's come down to close to idle. Say i'm sitting still and rev the car, just as the rev's reach idle it gives off a small popping/plunk noise. Anyone know what this could be?
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    Discharge pipe, Early or late version?

    Just wondering if someone can shed some light on this, looking at getting a discharge pipe for my 2011 Audi S3 and wondered if I needed Early (48.02.69) or Late version (48.02.70) Says something about the VIN numbers but not sure i understand it haha Early VIN range Golf MKV and Jetta V: *...
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    Audi S badge sticker inlay?

    Was looking to change the red inlay on my S3 badge since the red has slightly peeled on my current badge. Does anyone know where I can get a black coloured vinyl to fit the red square? Found GrafiXpressions over in America sell them but struggling to find them here. Example's of stickers
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    Turbo Throttle pipe?

    So looking at upgrading the Turbo throttle pipe on my 2011 Audi S3 and wondered what pipe I need? Since I see some have an extra pipe and others don't like so: But there are others like this: What is that extra bit for?
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    Best boost tap for S3?

    Looking for a boost tap or boost gauge fitting kit for my audi s3. Looked at Forge, Draft 42, APR kit's and wondered what people recommended?
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    Any difference sportback/hatchback H&R springs?

    Just wondering if there was any difference between the sportback and hatchback H&R springs for the Audi S3 8P? I have a 2011 Audi S3 3 Door Hatchback and wanting H&R springs and can get some from Germany for £150 but say fit Quattro and Sportsback?
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    Carbon badges?

    Anyone know where I could get a badge like this but that is an S in carbon? like the s3 badge but with red in carbon
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    What should I service/maintain at 35K miles?

    Hi guys and gals. Just wondered what people think I should service or maintain at 35K i.e. Does the s-tronice/DSG gearbox need serviced at this mileage? Should the Haldex be done at this mileage? Doing the cam follower just now Car's had it's engine oil/filter's etc. your basic service done...
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    Help finding mirror glass?

    So I bought my Audi couple months ago and there is a weird mark/scratch on my passenger side mirror and thinking about getting it replaced since glass polish won't remove it :/ Finding it really hard to find since there are so many variants. The one I'm after has the dimming ability (small...