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    A3 3door speaker sizes (maximum depth)

    Hi all, I am about to buy speakes front and back and wanted to know whats the maximum depth I can go to please? Also do all A3 8P's have subs? I have a single DIN concert head unit. (im not near the car so I cant turn the bass up and check) Thanks in advance! lee
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    bose sound system and front door speakers

    I have just bought an A3 tdi sport with bose upgrade, I have swapped the stereo out, (using an adapter harness) is the bose amp compatible with other head units? Do i need to set anything up on my head unit to work with the amp? Can anyone recommend a set of front component speakers ? I read...
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    a3 sport brochures? e copy?

    does any one have e copies of the sales brochure and option list for a3 sport 130 tdi please?
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    standard stereo options a3 tdi 130 sport

    what were the factory option stereos available on the tdi 130 sport please? thanks lee