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    Alarm going off

    Hi My alarm has recently started going off at random times. It will not disarm unless I disconnect the battery. Had to drive home with it beeping away ! I've had quick look over the car but nothing obvious. Any ideas ???
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    Sloshing sound

    Hi, I know this sounds daft but I can hear liquid sloshing around in my convertible. It's not really from the front or rear but kind of central. I have checked the bulk head and it is dry no evidence of water, same in the boot. Thing is for the first time ever I filled up last week. Now 3/4...
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    Low fuel warning.

    Hi Is there a way of changing when the low fuel warning light comes on ? Maybe at Audi? Mine comes on at 45 miles which is about a weeks driving for me. I put in about £15 a week which means the light comes on almost straight away! Very annoying. Cheers
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    Hood rattles

    Hi Picked up my 2003 convertible last week. Fantastic car however the hood creaks and rattles where it attaches at the front IE all along the top of the screen but more on the left. This happens when driving open bumps or braking etc. Does it need lubricating or something ? Thanks Stuart