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    Scraping noise

    Just a quick question to see if anyone has any ideas as to what could be wrong with my car. When im driving and go over a hump in the road, and the suspension compresses, the front end makes a kindof whooshing noise, sounds like gas escaping from somewhere and a scraping noise from the back end...
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    Careless/dangerous driving

    Just got a letter through the post yesterday saying that they are going to prosecute me with careless/dangerous driving. I was never stopped by the police, just received this letter, telling me where and when it was, but not what i actually did. I had my girlfriend in the car so wouldn't have...
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    Ooohhh noooo big problem

    Looks like I have fudged the car while out having a play today. Went over a hump in the road, landed pretty harshly, but I'm not sure of that has any thing to do with the issue, as this appeared about 10 mins after. Basically, the car is really jerky acceleration, like massive power, no power...
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    Help with Wheels

    Iv had a quick search, but couldnt see much. I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of a white s3 with black or gun metal 19" RS4 wheels on it. I need to get mine refurbed, and not sure if i want to change the colour. Any pictures would be appreciated.
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    Fan running all the time

    I have had a search but cant find a definitive answer. I know that it is a common problem on the A3's (I have a 2.0tdi 2004) for the fan to run constantly, and make a hell of a racket. I was just wondering do i have to replace the fan unit, or can i just replace the control unit? Is the P/N for...
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    Arm rest S3

    I used to put my phone in the arm rest and then clip down the arm rest over the wire. After a while the clip on the top of the armrest (the bit that keeps it closed) has snapped off. So now the armrest opens everytime i lift the thing up, and everything falls out. Is there anyway of getting hold...
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    Bucket seats S3

    Just a question to see if anyone knows if there is a way to sort this problem. Im guessing that there isnt a fault with my car, and that when you let people in the back by folding the front seat, it doesnt slide forward, you have to reach down and slide it manually. Is there anyway to sort this...
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    Some money to spend

    Well looks like i have about 2k to spend on the S3 :) I want to get stage 2+ but obviously want the hardware modifications to suit this remap. My car already has a HPFP, Full Exhaust system with sports cats, and some form of remap. I was thinking of getting an ITG CAIS and the remap, and then...
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    Best brake Pads?

    Just a quick question as to what you guys think the best brake pad is for the S3 iv heard mixed reviews about EBC yellow stuff pads, and have heard good things about the feddero (or however you spell it) pads. I want better braking capacity so will be changing out the disks for vented ones...
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    Audi S3 brake options?

    Iv got an 08 plate S3 running stage 2+. The brake pads and disks are about shot, and could do with changed. I was thinking now would be an ideal time to change the brakes to something new. I was just wondering what options i have, and what is the best course of action. I have read that you can...
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    New s3 :)

    Going to pick up my stage 2+ white s3 on Tuesday :) When I was test driving it yesterday, noticed that it has a coin tray, not a cup holder in the dash. Iv currently got a 2.0 tdi a3, which has a cup holder, just wondering if anyone knew how I would go about swapping them over? Iv had a look and...