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  1. urquattroisland

    Hi everybody!!!!

    hi there new here also..:icon_thumright:
  2. urquattroisland

    new guy here

    :respekt: yea i am happy by the way i can probably help with a chip later for the s4. I have a lot of setups for these cars... a really nice one who works good 290hp and they are real...
  3. urquattroisland

    new guy here

    Hello from iceland, my name is john and I am a mechanic. That works for audi iceland. I have one urquattro and one Q7 s-line. I love audi more than the next guy, witch you can see from my tatoo on my forearm... he he:hubbahubba: pretty wacko but what the h___:tocktock: :jump: i aslo own...