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    Take a look at this one!

    Check this one out, what an awesoome colour
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    Free detail anyone?!?

    Im moving to SA so I sold up & said goodbye to the RS4. The 4 was under contract so Im due a detail in Feb (already been paid), so if anyone's interested in a free detail send me a PM. I think it should be OK if it's the same size/smaller car but you'll prob have to add a bit for something...
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    My RS4 Avant!!

    Done by the guys at Drayke Fields, who were v professional & I can recommend if you're in and around Birmingham. I thought I'd post this in here to whet peoples appetite's as it incresingly likely I'll be getting rid of my car in the...
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    Pressure Washer

    Seeing as the shops are on sale, it's prob a good time to get me a pressure washer :yes...
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    Electrically heated door mirrors with heated washer jets?

    I spec'ed the electrically operated/folding door mirrors on my A4 - Special Edition, and my understanding (as per the brochure) is that the mirrors are also heated and include heated washer jets. I've figured out the operating process to fold and adjust the mirror angle, but don't know how to...
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    Black Optics Pack Tailpipes - Cleaning Recommendations

    I've got the Black Optics Pack with my B7 A4. The tailpipes as a result are finished in matt black. Any product recommendations for cleaning and maintaining? Cheers.
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    In-Car Satnav & Speed Camera Notification?

    Just swapped from a TomTom to the in-car setup available on a B7 A4. I was just wondering whether there's any facility for Speed Camera alerts in motion?
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    Ways to Achieve the Wet Look over a Synthetic Sealant

    Just invested in the Werkstatt Acrylic Kit; my initial impressions :w00t: Not really been historically much of a detailer, but now I've bought a brand new car i thought it best I do justice to that paintwork. But...being a cheeky, young, wippa-snappa type of guy (if I do say so...