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    First Haldex Service

    First haldex service due on Audi S3 8v 66plate 23k miles. What sort of price am I lookign at. Local audi quoted £110inc vat. I've read its likely to be gen5 haldex so what exactly needs doing? Some users have said audi don't clean filter but don't think the gen5 has a filter? Please advise.
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    Vcds Oldham/Manchester

    Hi Audi S3 8V 66plate. Looking for a coder who can reset the audi inspection warning on startup and to reset under MMIsservice intervals. Anyone please. Thanks
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    Oil and filter change

    My66 8v S3 is due the annual filter change in the next week. With audi service centres closed what are my optionsn if it passes the due date. I know you can reset this on the MMI unlike the inspection service. With Boris anouncing showrooms openings from June 1st do I wait. Quotes audi online...
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    MY66 S3 8V PCP swap/keep

    ive just hit 2yrs 2 months on my pcp, 2500 deposit, over 4 years . when is the ideal time to swap the car the car, or should i keep full term? or hand in back in and walk away, hoping its as simple as. what are the general thoughts on here when is the good time to swap and is there anything...
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    Haldex qauttro

    MY66 8V S3 sportback When I accelerate hard out of corners or when strolling at reasonable speed the traction light comes on quote often. Tyres are eagle F1 assy 3 got 6mm even in the dry How would I know if I have haldex/qauttro issues
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    S3 8V Brake Pads

    Hi, MY 66 S3 310ps - front brake pads approx 80% worn, looking for replacements , heard Brembo are good. ive seen these on euro car parts along with other brands, but few options come up, dont know which one what is the PR code that is required for my car to be able to find the correct one...
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    Dead battery

    Yesterday MY66 S3 8V, car woudlnt start at totally dead. Called audi breakdown and AA arrived within the hour. Done some tests and looks like the battery wasn't holding charge. Said something about EFB batteries there's common faults, the stop start batteries. Anyways took into audi and...
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    is it worth swaping the S3

    i have my 66 for around 16 months , is it worth swappign the car. im paying 350pm paid 1500 depo. on 14k miles.only do local drving as moved work locations closee to home. is there anythign worht donwgrading to, ie, something around 250pm? but stilol decent looking and good all round? ie...
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    Traction light

    MY66 S3 8V Recently put full set of Eagle F1 Assymetric 3s on and when in dynamic mode I put my foot down the the traction light comes on. Happens quote often even after tyres are warmed up, traction light still comes on. Also had 4 wheel alignment done too (hunters) with my new set. It's...
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    oil leak from 'transfer box area'

    MY66 S3 8V - had inspection service done last week (2 year interval )at Audi £180 all in. Audi have said there is a slight/minor leak from the transfer box, what is this.. is it the S tronic box? said it would be covered by Warranty and booked in on the 24th. anyone else has this issue? i...
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    4x tyre set

    My 66 S3 8v. Had Bridgestone Turanza T005 past 2 years and tread is hitting around 2mm on all. Want to change full set. What brand would you recommend looking at Bridgestone, Conti, Michelin, Hankook, Pirelli Or if anyone knows anthere good brand tried and test. Or any other recommended...
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    Pollen cabin filter

    Does anyone know the part number for MY66 S3 8V and where I can buy this from?
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    Full service

    hi guys, my66 S3 is due for inspection as stated on the dash in 30 days. what does this inspection inlcude? ive alrerady had interim service done , oil and fitler change 2 months ago when it popped on dash,. do i have to do the main service/inspection at main dealer or can be done at any VAG...
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    oil change 23 days

    MY66 - had the oil chnage notification come up. can i just do an oil chnage only Or does it need a minor service too ? And does it have be at main dealers to keep warranty? can i do it at palces liek kwik fit, halfords etc, anny recomendations?
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    S3 servicing

    Bought the car in Sept 2017 MY 66 plate. does the car need a interim service now, approx 7 months . or shall i wait a year till sep 2018.? if so, do i doo full service done around 3000 miles so far, on 10k in total., Also do i have to get it done at main dealers ,, whats the theory on this...
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    New 4 tyre set S3 8V

    looking to change all my tyrers on MY66 8V S3. Came with Bridgstones, 18inch. but had tyres checked they are all on avg about 3.5mm what tyres would you reccomend and any good online places to buy?
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    Engine oil top up

    whats the best reccomended engine oil for MY66 8V S3. need to top it up.
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    Coolant Warining Light

    yesterday driving back from work i have red temperature light come on saying coolant level is low, i check the level it is below minium , the pink color. i didnt think the coolant levels decrese , well hardly much anyway over time. how has it gone so low? do i need to top up? MY66 plate and...
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    dechrome or not

    What are peoples thoughts on getting the chrome > de chromed. mine is metallic black and to somewhat it makes it stand out more with the chrome window surround and at the rear around the diffuser pipes. i will leave the chrome mirrors,. has anyone blacked out theirs , any pics? what do you...
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    S3 Puddle lights issue

    Hi, recently my Audi beam lights started to become blurry and fuzzy , i only had them on the driver/passenger door. i got in contact with Bolton Audi and they said this seems to be common issue and they were happy to repalce these under warranty. Out of good will they also did my rear doors :)...