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    Rear door stuck locked

    Hi guys, Got a issue with the rear drivers side door on my 03 avant, it wont open! When operating the central locking (when it works), i can feel/hear it locking and unlocking but i cant open it using the inside or outside handles. I've tried both handles while locking an unlocking quickly but...
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    Possible lift pump problem?

    Hi all, my car has been playing up a little the last few weeks and i'm beginning to wonder if the limp pump in tank pump) is playing up. it starts and idles fine, first turn of the key and starts on the button every time. runs ok but on a steady throttle then call for a little more power on a...
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    permanent live

    hi guys, would it be ok to take a permanent live feed from the big distributor block under the dash for a 300W max active sub? be so much easier than poking a piddley wee cable through the bulk head... lol
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    removing rear interior from avant.

    hi guys, can anyone tell me how to remove the side wall bits and floor from an avant? i'm wanting to put a bit of sound proofing in it as it's a bit noisey in the back and i usually drive with the radio low so i cant drown it out lol... done a bit of searching but cant find much... :/...
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    different front wings?

    hi all. looking at prices of a new front wing for my A4 and i've come accross a cheap one but it says not for S-line or sport..? is there a difference between normal spec and sport spec wings?? cheers.
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    Rear seat not locking

    hi guys, got a bit of a problem with the larger half of the rear seat in my avant not locking into place... i've tried slamming it into place and even pulling hard against it from the boot and it just wont lock. it just bounces back. i've poked a screw driver in the lock and it locks fine, not...
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    amp wiring - screen wire

    Hi all, thought i'd ask this in here too as the ice section isn't as busy... :) I'm wanting to install an aftermarket sub and amp in my a4 avant. I have the normal concert system (non bose). i'm aware that i'll need a 4ch amp to run the back speakers and need to run a new power cable and...
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    amp wiring - screen wire

    Hi all, I'm wanting to install an aftermarket sub and amp in my a4 avant. I have the normal concert system (non bose). i'm aware that i'll need a 4ch amp to run the back speakers and need to run a new power cable and what not, but from reading some of AndyMac's posts i need to use the pre-outs...
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    vcds request for those in Scotland

    Hi all. Wondering if someone with vcds would be able to help me out ... :) I've fitted my dis wiper stalk but just need someone to program the car to let it know its there. I'll be traveling up to Inverness From below Edinburgh on the 6th and back down on the 8th so would be cool if someone...
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    DIS wiper stalk question

    Hi all, planning on fitting my DIS wiper stalk tomorrow afternoon (really hope i don't pop the airbag! lol) but i wont be able to get to someone with VCDS until some time throught the week... will I still be able to use the washer and wiper functions until i get the DIS controls enabled...
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    cant remove rear wiper.

    Hi guys, I've been investigating why my rear wiper wont work and turns out there's a chunk of motor missing!! lol Tried taking the wiper arm off but it's well and truly stuck! the 13mm nut took some shifting with a big ratchet, but cant for the life of me get the arm off. i tried screw...
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    Lower bumper trim

    hi guys, just bought my A4 avant and it needs a couple of little jobs done on the outside, one of them being to do with the front bumper trim. they grey bit at the bottom... it's kinda popped off and sticking out a tad next to the drivers wheel. how is it supposed to be attached. does it just...
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    Newbie alert!

    Hi guys, I'm Stuart. just bought myself a nice 03 A4 avant sport 1.9TDi and loving it after having it just 1 day! :D It's so nice to drive and its a nice car to be in. i'll try get some pictures of it in daylinght, there isnt much of that in scotland at the mo... I will be browsing the forum...