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  1. Zans

    My s3 pulled a sneaky on me

    So i didn't pass technical inspection because "the driver side sill is rusted" so i pulled the plastic fender to investigate and.... And after poking my finger through (and cutting a bit) the other side however looks fine (the black spots are just dirt) body shop quoted me 150...
  2. Zans

    Airbags fault all at once

    Hi, Fired up the car first time after the rebuild and my horn wasn't working so after connecting the vagcom i got big errors on the airbags I have no idea how to fix any of that and the horn either. Horn itself is working when connected to a battery, the relay under the dash is working as...
  3. Zans

    DMF to SMF questions

    hello, My DMF is toast and the repair shop quoted 220 euros to repair and 70 euros to resurface it with the basket + a new clutch disk so i'm looking around 400 euros which i unfortunately can't afford. The same shop proposed me to convert my DMF to a SMF which comes down to 100+70 for the...
  4. Zans

    Part number?

    hello, i'm looking for the oe number of this item because it needs to be replaced and the only place where i found it was on aliexpress. Many thanks! it's from the camshaft tensioner on an 1.8t engine, there are 2 of them.
  5. Zans

    ACL bearings

    hello, i'm looking for bearing options and found that ACL 0ffers them in regular size and +0.025mm oil clearance hole size (still standard size just a bigger oiling hole) and i'd like to know what's the difference between the 2 (except the obvious) and how would that make a difference on...
  6. Zans

    1.8t block options

    hello, I'm doing a rebuild on my APY 1.8t and need a new block because mine has a damaged cylinder wall. I was at the junkyards today and found a couple of options: -2 liter N/A bora engine from 1999 with 06A021F MEXICO stamped on the block -1.8 liter N/A a3 engine from 1999 with a...
  7. Zans

    Maximum bore size with stock pistons

    hello, i'm doing a rebuild on my 1.8t APY and would like to know the maximum bore on which stock pistons can be used. I read in the workshop manual that for standard 80.95 mm pistons the bore must be 81.01mm, and for a repair oversize it's 81.45 mm piston and 81.51mm bore. After 200000km the...
  8. Zans

    Haldex pump repair guide

    Hi guys, I managed to repair a faulty haldex pump (gen 1) but this can also work on gen 2 and 3 i believe. After i noticed the read end being dragged and front wheels spinning on wet asphalt i used the vcds to diagnose the haldex pump and it didnt turn on. So i removed it and saw this: The...
  9. Zans

    17748 reoccurring

    Hi, just go the 17748 error: 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28) P1340 - 35-00 - Incor. Correlation Readiness: 0000 0000 It takes a while to reappear after clearing the code, around 5 mins. By the ross tech wiki the probable causes are: Timing...
  10. Zans

    Correct bulbs

    Hello, Just got the bulb light flashing on the s3 and the left low doesn't work anymore, so thought i'd change all bulbs for new ones cause i haven't done that since buying the car. Anyone got the correct names for the: -Low beam -High beam -Indicators -Sides I got the original s3 xenons so...
  11. Zans

    aftermarket oil cooler info

    Hi, i'm about to install an oil radiator (19 row) on my car and would like to know which thermostat would be best suited on the sandwich plate, for now i found an option for 73 Celsius and 80 Celsius. I will be using Motul 5w-40 8100 x cess oil if that's of any relevance Thanks!
  12. Zans

    My suspension restoration thread

    Hello everyone, i'd like you to introduce to my suspension restoration project. The goal here is to restore the (not in so good condition) suspension into its former glory, this includes: -new bushing, bearings -new springs, shocks (ordered a kit from stance+) -steering rack, new shafts...
  13. Zans

    Car running bad after remap

    Hello, I own an audi S8 APY and after getting it remaped multiple problems popped up: -car runs very rough on cold start (wiggles between 850 to 1200) for about 10 mins (driving or idle) and then runs normally at 850ish rpm. On a hot start, 90deg, it runs direcly fine at 850ish rmp -after hard...
  14. Zans

    Engine oil

    Hello, what engine oil should be best used for an s3 (APY). I'm currently using motul 5w-40 (not sure with one exacly). Should the oil have a vw 503.01 spec? I also plan on putting an oil cooler..
  15. Zans

    Fans and ABS issues

    Hi, I own an s3 apy and my radiator fans and ABS stopped working at the same moment. After changing my steering rack and control arms I started up the car (it was sitting for about a week) and i got 2 messages on my dash panel : ABS and ESP. After driving 10 meters a third message popped up...
  16. Zans

    Front control arms help

    Hello, I have just removed the front lower control arms from my audi s3 8l and plan on replacing the bushings. However there are no marks for the correct orientation of the bushings and i did not care to check how the old ones were installed. Anyone has a picture of the correct orientation for...
  17. Zans

    Large port help

    Hello, i own an audi s3 apy and would like to increase port size for better airflow. What would be the best option , to convert my small port to large port (by grinding it, machining it, ect...) or buy an AEB head and manifold ? Will the AEB head fit my car ? Is the AEB manifold also going to...
  18. Zans

    Forge BOV help

    Hello, I installed a forge bov today ton my s3 APY but i have 2 problems: -how many "clicks" (how tight does the spring has to be?) do i have to give it to match the stock diverter valve? I read somewhere that 16 clicks from the unscrewed position help it match stock boost, but now the second...
  19. Zans

    looking for a bentley manual

    Hello, I plan on dissembling my 1.8t APY engine but will need a bentley manual with the proper torque values to reassemble it. Anyone got it in pdf? Can't find anything on the net Thanks a lot!
  20. Zans

    Gt 2871r boost help

    Hello. I am currently fitting a gt2871r in my APY engine. For the moment my engine isn't rebuilt and uses stock rods. I want to drive it for the moment so need to control boost to match it with the stock k04, do i install a boost controler or the n75j valve will do it for me? What is the stock...