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    Alarm fault - glass breakage sensors

    Hi, my alarm keeps going off at random times when locked. Only the lights flash as I’ve already disconnected the siren from the alarm module in the lower rear right of the boot. Every time I scan it, VCDS says it’s the glass breakage sensor in the right rear side window - G184. I read that...
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    RNSE MkII - CAN causes battery drain

    I have a battery drain in my 56 plate A4 B7, Quattro, BUL, S-Line, Special Edition. I believe it had RNSE in it from factory (inc phone prep but not BT), however, when I bought the car it had a no-name media/ICE unit fitted (seller told me the original RNSE was duff & put in this substitute)...
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    Engine swap - 2.5tdi for 1.9tdi AVF

    Hi, I’ve just written off my A4 B6 Avant Quattro due to hitting a deer on the Isle of Skye & looking to replace it. :blownose: She was in showroom condition. Just seen one with a 2.5tdi & was wondering if I can fit the 1.9tdi AVF engine from my A4 B6 saloon into it? The saloon chassis is...
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    ECU lower chamber seal

    Hi, the driver's footwell is flooded & I'd already removed the rubber seal under the battery. I've found the source of the new leak & it's bad. The rubber seal between the bodywork & the ECU lower chamber has split & is hanging down into the electrics below the dash. Considering the amount of...
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    RNS-E Mk2 - which version?

    Hi, I'm looking to get RNS-E Mk2 for my '54 A4 B6 Avant. Does anyone know if the North American version (8E0035193A) can be altered for use in the UK (maps, software, etc) or are there only certain versions that will work? I've seen this version for sale but concerned I'll be buying a brick...