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    Property Lawyers or people who know their stuff around freeholds?

    So if I've got this right.... Your friend owns the freehold (if a house) or a share of the freehold (if a flat). The original developer of the estate / block engaged a third party management company who manages the estate/block on behalf of the freeholders. When the developer finished the...
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    Folding seats failed

    I used this one to replace the microswitch controlling the height adjustment - section 74.
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    Certain vehicle insurance companies giving refund...

    Got my £50 Admiral refund into my credit card account on Monday for a two car policy. Given the policy was only £380 I'm not going to complain. It would have been fairer to have done it as a % of the premium rather than a flat amount.
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    What tyres work well on the S3...

    Yep the offer was £60 off their 'normal' price. Current Costco offer is £50 off 4 Bridgestones in 17 inch size or £70 off 18 inch. Offer runs to Sunday 25th but there will be another one next month.
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    What tyres work well on the S3...

    If you are anywhere near a Costco and know someone with a card they regularly have deals on Michelin / Bridgestone / Goodyear. I got four Michelin PS4 225/45/17 fitted for £275.95 back in March.
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    One for all you steam fans.

    Rob - not sure if you've seen but for some reason it didn't stop at Brookwood as per plan leaving a station full of annoyed people!
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    One for all you steam fans.

    I spotted this too - sadly I'll be at work :-(
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    Audi Driver/Volkswagen Driver

    Yes I got my liquidation/creditors letter on Monday. A real shame and I feel sorry for those who will have lost their jobs as a result. Must be tough for a small independent publisher these days with so much stuff available immediately via the web, forums and groups. I remember meeting Paul...
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    Audi e-tron extreme: Audi e-tron technology demonstrator climbs the Streif

    Pity you can see the cable attached to the front of the e-Tron. I assume it was for safety reasons but kind of shatters the illusion!
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    I did a trip 15 years ago starting in SF drove down Route 1 coastal highway visiting Carmel etc. on the way to LA. As Mike says don't stay downtown and stay in Santa Monica. Did Universal Studios and Hollywood Boulevard. Then drove East to Grand Canyon including some bits of Route 66 and did...
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    Lcr brembo brake pads

    I've gone from DS2500 on the S3 to the stock Brembo pads (and discs) from ECP bought - funnily - with a 50% off deal. Can't fault them for the price but that said my days of ragging my S3 around are long gone. My trackday Cordoba, however, has gone from DS2500 to DS3000 and all I can say is - wow!
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    Wheel Stud upgrade

    I converted my track day Ibiza and then the Cordoba that replaced it. If you are replacing wheels frequently (i.e. road wheels to track wheels and back again) they are a god send, especially if you are running spacers. Got the bits from Bill @badger5
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    driveways opitions

    Worth being aware of what planning restrictions may be in force. I seem to remember that some councils don't allow you to lay a hard surface drive without planning permission - all to do with hard surface water run off contributing to flooding. But something that drains freely such as gravel...
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    Selling old Whisky

    And as an example of wildly different prices - seen the 1970's JW Red Label selling for about £35 at auction but a dealer has a bottle up for £150!
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    Selling old Whisky

    The single malts are: 5 * 75cl bottles of 15 yo Glenlivet (early 80's) 1 * 75.7cl bottle of 12 yo Inchgower (mid/late 70's) And the blends are: 1 * 75.7cl bottle of Pinwinnie Royale Scotch (mid/late 70's) 1 * 75.7cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label (mid/late 70's) 2 * 75.7cl bottle of...
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    Selling old Whisky

    Anyone got any experience selling old bottles of whisky. My mum has given me 11 bottles dating from late 70's and early 80's including some single malts. There is nothing particularly valuable but a quick search has shown that values seem to fluctuate wildly. So has anyone used a specialist...
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    A3 8L Roof Racks

    I have now actually put mine on the car - it was an Audi original accessories one.
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    Audi Driver International 16th September 2017 (Discussion Thread)

    No problem and I wasn't intending to shoot the messenger :-)
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    Audi Driver International 16th September 2017 (Discussion Thread)

    ADI website: ( Audi Driver International provides the ideal opportunity for Audi enthusiasts to drive their road cars at high speed on the famous Castle Combe race circuit. As well as the excitement of exploring the full performance potential...