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  1. ajax1976

    AJ's Allroad

    After a brief stint in a 3 series tourer decided it was time to get myself back into an Audi, no way I was doing another winter in a rwd car!! Had an A4 B7 avant a couple years ago that I got slightly carried away with modifications, it was a great car but could do with something larger than an...
  2. ajax1976

    S4 owner willing to help?

    Hi, Thinking about a wee project on my B7 but could do with some measurements of the exhaust and rear diffuser set up on a b8 s4 before committing. I'm looking for the measurement between the two sets of double tips on the exit of the exhaust and from the centre of the exhausts up to where the...
  3. ajax1976

    Classifieds tab?

    Can we have the classifieds tab back on top bar? It's vanished again!!
  4. ajax1976

    Photoshop request

    Can any of you kind gents/ladies with Photoshop skills do one for me with the centres of these wheels in a darker silver/anthracite/gun metal type colour? Both pics would be great but if ones easier than the other then just the one would still be good. Thanks Alan
  5. ajax1976

    Ajs Avant

    Thought I'd start a build thread of my avant to save having constant random updates scattered all over the forum, some of you will have probably seen some of my threads. I've just copied and pasted the majority of it from another forum to get it up and running. Previously had a saloon that did...
  6. ajax1976

    A4s on air??

    Bought an air ride set up so before I start ripping the boot in my avant apart I'm looking for some pics of your boot installs. Found loads of pics of aired out and slammed A4s but not many of the actual boot install. cheers
  7. ajax1976

    My carbon love has returned!!(which led me into another wee project)

    Well it was only a matter of time before I fell off the wagon and got the carbon itch again:-( Started with the DTM splitter, spotted a set of interior trims for a great price then found a rear valance. Going to justify them as my Xmas treat to myself. It got me thinking or more the price of...
  8. ajax1976

    My wee winter DTM project

    Finally got the finger out to crack on with finishing my DTM bumper. I had lost heart in it and it was for sale for a while but it not selling and managing to pick up the missing bits I was needing was the push I needed to finish it. The hardest part to find was the carbon splitter but...
  9. ajax1976

    Anyone use Thule roof bars on their avant?

    I bought a second hand set of bars yesterday and tried fitting them today. I know the 757 is more or less a universal clamp kit for cars with permanent roof rails but when I fitted them today the inner jaw of the clamp doesn't seem to fit very well. The bars clamp down and feel secure but the...
  10. ajax1976

    Anyone Use Tps???

    I think my local TPS are pretty strict with the not selling to public rule so was just wondering if anyone on here is on good terms their local branch and could maybe get some prices for some bits and bobs?
  11. ajax1976

    Avant privacy glass

    Anyone have any idea what percentage of tint Audi privacy glass is? Thinking of getting the front sides done but want to stay the right side of the law!!
  12. ajax1976

    B7 owners in NW London or Bristol??

    Hi guys, I'm looking at changing my B7 saloon for an avant and have found a couple of possibles, one in Bristol and one in NW London. Problem is I'm in Scotland so was wondering if there's any B7 owners in those areas that could spare some of their time to have a quick look around them and...
  13. ajax1976

    Sorry, another help me find a car thread, members in Bristol or NW London??

    Again looking for some help from some fantastic Audi Sport members?? I was too slow off the mark with one in Leamington that Voorhees had kindly offered to check out for me:-( I've found two cars that I'm very interested in but being in Scotland marks viewing tricky, one in Bristol and one in...
  14. ajax1976

    Anyone live or work around Leamington Spa?

    As above, saw a car I quite fancy but I'm in Scotland so wondered if someone could have a quick run by a garage and have a quick look at it for me. Not really looking for a full on survey unless you're keen, more just a look over the paintwork etc and maybe take some pictures? Willing to provide...
  15. ajax1976

    DTM bumper

    Anyone know of any DTM front bumpers for sale anywhere? Missed out on a bargain one on here last week, been checking Ebay, Gumtree but can only find one. I think it's over priced and by the time I paint and locate the missing bits it would be a very expensive bumper. I'm also assuming it'll...
  16. ajax1976

    Price for hub caps

    Hi, Can I have a price for 4x 8D0601165J Thanks Alan
  17. ajax1976

    Interior chaved up a bit:-)

    So thought I'd finally get round to fitting proper lighting in the boot. I had some of those sticky backed LED strips sitting in the garage so today was the day to finally get rid of the pathetic standard light. Great, easy and cheap mod that has made a massive difference. Then decided to...
  18. ajax1976

    New winter wheels:-)

    After a couple of months of searching I've finally found my new winter wheels. I'd been looking for something a bit different from the norm but more importantly cleared my calipers without running chunky spacers, got lucky with these on both counts. Mercedes(Ronal) 2 piece Alioths, 18x8.5J...
  19. ajax1976

    Interior refresh

    Since I wrapped my scratched interior aluminium trims earlier in the year I had started to get bored of it. Sounds silly but the fact it wasn't real carbon sort of bothered me and some of the tighter corners had started to wrinkle a bit during the heat wave this summer. I really wanted real...
  20. ajax1976

    Plastidip results and a question

    Plastidipped my grill surround and badges today, dead easy and great stuff to use. I'm not sure if it'll stay on as I actually quite like the chrome but fancied having a play with the dip. Just one question tho, is it supposed to be a smooth finish? Mines has a light textured finish to it...