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  1. willh92

    What have you done today?

    All, Jojo created a thread like this in the S3 8L section that I used to post in back when I had my S3's, and it's ****** popular! The S1 forum is slightly quieter but I thought it might be interesting to see what work, maintenance or performance, people have done on their S1's! I'll kick...
  2. willh92

    Forge Turbo Inlet Hose

    All, Wondering if anyone has fitted the forge turbo inlet hose? Pretty good price, just keen to get people's first hand opinions on quality, etc? Cheers, Will
  3. willh92

    Servicing at Main Dealer or Independent Specialist?

    Hi all, I'm wondering what you'd recommend - main dealer servicing and paying the higher prices or taking it to a recommended independent who uses genuine parts etc and logs the servicing on the same electronic system as Audi main dealers, but for over £100 cheaper? My main reservation is...
  4. willh92

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    All, Stumbled across TDI Tuning's website last night and their tuning box for the S1 looks to provide 8 levels of power increase which is obviously good for our clutches! All for a good price and doesn't raise an ECU flag so can be easily removed if required...
  5. willh92

    Retrofit Bigger Rear Spoiler from Quattro Ext Pack?

    All, Anyone retrofitted the bigger rear spoiler from the Quattro exterior pack yet? Kinda thinking I might order one if I can! Cheers
  6. willh92

    Contemplating swapping the S1 for an RS3 - Views?

    Hi all, Wasn't sure where to post this as every different sectio will be biased toward their own car, but I'm pretty keen in the next 6 months to swap my S1 for an 8V RS3 (bought the S1 mid Oct '16, so I'd probably change it Oct '17.) Basically I'm after your, as RS3 owners, views and...
  7. willh92

    1.0T First Service - Inspection Service price?

    All, My other half's car is coming up on its first service. It's a 1.0T A1. 65 plate ... it's showing the oil change and inspection service are due at the same time. I'm wondering if anyone on here with the same engine car has recently had these carried out at a main dealer and what prices...
  8. willh92

    Centre silencers deletion - Warranty?

    All, I know there have been numerous threads on exhaust and other mods and warranty concerns but I found limited specific info on the centre silencer deletion. Firstly, anyone got any pics of their exhaust with and without these silencers? Secondly, I'm concerned about losing my warranty -...
  9. willh92

    Front Splitter

    All, Wondering if anyone's fitted a front splitter to the front bumper at all? I used to have a 2014 Fiesta ST and triple R composites did some lovely front splitters, but I can't find anything for the S1?! Cheers
  10. willh92

    YourAudi build tracker

    Seen this on most other forums but missing on the A1 forum (make sticky??), below the link to the Audi build tracking site which you may all be aware of already: I'm tracking my S1 build, anyone tracking an A1...
  11. willh92

    Exhaust Valve - fully open?

    All, Just wondering at which RPM does the exhaust butterfly valves open fully and in which driver modes? Apologies if already been asked but couldn't find in the search. Cheers, Will.
  12. willh92

    Adjustable Suspension - Not With 18" Alloys?

    All, Reading through the A1 states that adjustable suspension is standard on the S1 but then goes on to state that it's not available in conjunction with 18" alloy. Is this correct or only for the A1? Thanks, Will
  13. willh92

    Just Ordered S1 - Used to Own S3 8L

    All, I used to frequent this forum a while back when I had my S3 8L (actually had 2 of them!). However, since spending the last 18 months changing cars (last 13 months I've owned a 2014 Fiesta ST MP215) I've ordered a new Audi S1 in Brilliant black. Thought I'd say hello, as soon as it arrives...
  14. willh92

    Fox exhausts cat back

    Hi all, Just wanted to know if anyone has had a Fox catback fitted to their S3? Tried searching but nothing came up, they seem more in my price range than a Milltek at the moment. Unless anyone has a second hand milltek i can take off their hands of course! Thanks
  15. willh92

    Dipstick indicator oil volume

    hi all, Just wondering out of curiosity if anyone knows what volume of oil the range min to max on the oil dipstick equates to? I assume 1L is this roughly correct? Cheers Will
  16. willh92

    Coil pack recall question

    Hi all, My first S3 went to Audi for some scanning and they changed out all the coil packs as part of a recall thing, but I'm aware this only applies to post 2000 models. I now have a 1999 APY and so why does the recall not apply to my model? Also, anyone know the part numbers and a rough cost...
  17. willh92

    Painting calipers, which lacquer?

    as above really, going to paint my brake calipers at the weekend and have been told they look a lot better once lacquered. So I'm wondering if I can use just normal clear lacquer or do I need some high temp stuff as they obviously get hot. Also, how long do I leave the caliper paint to set...
  18. willh92

    Clean Throttle Body And Intake System?

    Hi all, Thinking of taking off all the intake pipes i.e. the intercoolers and their piping, the charge pipe and the TIP to give them a good clean as i know the PCV system can cause sludge to build up - saw some in the charge pipe when changing the cam cover and cam chain adj. gaskets. Is this a...
  19. willh92

    Fitting Lcr Brembos - How Hard Is It?

    As above really, looking to buy some LCR brembos and fit them to my S3 prior to getting a remap as i think the OEM brakes on it are pretty rubbish as it is! My question is, how difficult is it to achieve. I've removed and refitted calipers before but only on motorbikes. Not on a car, only...
  20. willh92

    Dogbone Polyflex Bushes

    Hi all, Probably been covered before i'm sure but where do people buy the Polyflex bushes for the dog bone engine mount from, off of ebay or a specific website? When changing it, do you have to stick a jack under the engine or simply unbolt it and swap the bushes over? Cheers Will