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    Phone book contacts

    Can any body point me in the right direction,i have just purchased a Nokia E7 and have paired it with my Audi A3,The A3 has bluetooth and RNS-E installed, i can ring out and recieve calls through the phone and the car prep kit but when i press the mode button on the MFSW to show the contacts...
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    Hi all, I need some help with the install of a rear view camera to my A3, I have installed the camera in the tailgate and picked up the power from the reverse light, the cable then goes to the back of the RNS-E. I have attached this to connector ‘C’ pin position C2 RFSL for auto switching...
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    VCDS Fault Codes

    Hi, can any body throw some light on these fault codes,i have just started to fit a rear view camera to my A3, i have attached the multi media interface to the connections on the RNS-E and have coded channel 37 navigation to enable viewing when reverse gear is connected ie channel 4 to set...
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    Rear View Camera

    Hi all, i have fitted the RNS-E into my car and everthing is working fine, now what i want to do is fit a rear view camera to the unit so it will come up on the screen when reverse is any of you guys on here know the pin outs on the back of the rns-e i need to connect into to enable...
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    VCDS Codes

    Hi all, I would like to ask for help with the following, I am retro fitting the RNS-E from an A4 part number 8EO 035 192 D into a 2004 TT and after some recoding I am having the following problems, I have coded the instruments to 5 which shows the navigation information on the DIS, I have...
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    Hi all, I would like to ask for help with the following, I am retro fitting the RNS-E from an A4 part number 8EO 035 192 D into a 2004 TT and after some recoding I am having the following problems 1. The radio channel is not displayed in the DIS 2. The auto off function does not work when...
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    Part Number Please

    Hi all, can anybody give me the part number for the double din console in a b7 2006A4 Thanks Andy
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    re code of central locking

    hi,can any body tell me what i need to recode to enable the automatic central locking when driving over 15 KM per hour, i have vag com and i just need to do the adaption settings Etc Thanks Andy
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    Original Alloy Wheels

    Hi, i have just managed to scuff one of my alloy wheels ,can any one give me the closest match to the original audi silver paint they use for the wheels. thanks
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    Retro Fitting RNS-E

    Hi,i am about to buy a TT have been told you can Retrofit The RNS-E navigation system into it ,has any body on here done the conversion and if so where did you get the double din consol from? what type of connector did you use? , i already have the RNS-E and Diversity cable and navigation...
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    removal of front grill

    Hi, I have seen a thread on thisdiscussion before and wondered if any one can point me in the right direction. Is it possible to remove the one piece grill from an A3 sportback without removing the whole bumper assembly?
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    Head Unit Change

    Can any body help with the problem i have,i am selling my car a A4 2005 (B7) model and have had navigation retrofitted from a concert 2+ head unit,so the single to double conversion has already been done,i do not want to go back to a single din so i am looking at replacing the navigation unit...
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    Air Con Fault

    I have a problem with my air con on my A3 8p i have run an auto scan with no faults found, but have had the car in to have it re gassed but they said that it was full of gas and the problem lies with either the compressor or the solonoid. Is there any way using vag com that i can...
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    Hi,can any body help me with the problem,the air con in my car is not working properly in the recent spell of hot weather i have had the settings on low but it is only blowing out hot air. does the system need regassing ? I have VAG COM but it does not show any faults.Is there a way using VAG...
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    Vag Com fault codes

    Hi.can ahybody help with the following failt code i have found having just auto scanned my car the car is an A3 sportback Address 08: Auto HVAC Control Module Part Number: 8P0 820 043 F Component and/or Version: KlimavollautomatH12 0150 Software Coding...
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    Shark Fin Aerial

    Hi, Can any body help,i am about to fit the shark fin aerial to my sportback but what i need are the measurments from the left hand side of the car to the left side of the aerial base and also from the back of the car to the back of the aerial base. Can any body help with these measurments ...
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    VAG -COM help required

    I have just purchased VAG-COM and have started using it however I have the following questions: I am about to retro fit both RNS-E and Bluetooth phone prep to my 2004 A3 Sport back I have looked at a lot of the sites about recoding and have these questions CODING FOR RNS-E 0x?xx...
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    Hi,can anybody answer the questions that i have regarding this topic, i have been told that the new 2 disk maps and TMC enabling will be available from 3rd week in january and this will be a new software revision. 1,Can any body tell me what is the revision of software i.e 550 or higher ...
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    Electric folding mirrors

    Hi everyone, does any one have the same problem with their folding mirrors. i have this option fitted to my sportback and now the drivers mirror is folding about 3 seconds slower than the passangers mirror,and the motor sounds rough.(knowing Audi they will say it is within limits) has anybody...
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    Sat nav and bluetooth

    Hi, can any body help i want to retro fit sat nav and bluetooth to the new A3, i want to use the shark fin arieal in the roof i know that the gps connection fits to the back of the RNS-E but does the Telephone connection go to the Bluetooth module where the attenna fits or does it go somewhere else.