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  1. PostieStew

    Wanted A3 8v rear diffuser

    Hi all Wondering /hoping if anyone has a a3 8v facelift black edition s line rear diffuser for sale? One like this.
  2. PostieStew

    Dogbone Mount

    Hi all, I’m just wondering where people have brought their Dogbone Mounts from and if there’s any good ones to look out for for a facelift 2.0 tfsi auto. Any help will be much appreciated. cheers
  3. PostieStew

    Door module price help

    Hi all, I have two door modules I’m looking at selling but I’m unsure on how much they are worth? Got them for my power folding mirrors retrofit but turns out I already have the right ones. So I’m hoping that someone can advise me as to how much they are worth. cheers
  4. PostieStew

    Wanted 18” space saver

    Hi all, im after a 18” space saver for my a3 8v sportback if anyone has one cheap? I currently have a 17” unused if anyone wants swap?
  5. PostieStew

    Sold Another genuine Audi cargo net 8E5 861 869

    As titled really, had it with my old a4 b8 but now have no need for it. looking for £35 posted or can collect from Watford Herts if you wish. cheers!
  6. PostieStew

    Wing mirrors

    Hi all I’m just wondering if pre facelift wing mirrors are the same as facelift mirrors? Am I right in thinking the 3 door and 5 door mirrors are different?
  7. PostieStew

    Speaker upgrade

    Morning all I have searched the forum but to no avai. Basically I’m wanting to add the centre speaker and subwoofer to my standard 8 speaker system. Is fitting them the same on a facelift car (2017) as it is on a PFL? Also would the loom on rocket wires for this retrofit work on my facelift...
  8. PostieStew

    For Sale Aluminium pedal covers

    Hi all I have these for sale if anyone is interested in them? They are genuine Audi and brand new. Im really not sure what they are worth as I can’t even remember how much I paid for them from AudiI (was a while ago)I but I now have a a3 v8 so they are no good to me Any suggestion on price...
  9. PostieStew

    For Sale A4/a5 3G plus

    Sadly my a4 has given up on me (engine has died) so I’ve cut my losses with it and managed to sell most of it to recuperate some money back. Anyway so I have this 3G plus unit for sale with 2020 maps on it. It was retrofitted 3 months ago at hazzy days and cost me a fortune. I’m really not...
  10. PostieStew

    Audi service question

    Hi all, I have my a4 booked in with Audi just for a brake fluid change but I’m a bit worried about if they plug it into their computer would it wipe all the retrofits I’ve had fitted?
  11. PostieStew

    For Sale Audi A4 a5 q5 chrome pedals

    Hi all, I have these for sale as there the wrong ones for my car. They are in fantastic condition and look new. If you have any questions please ask away. £120 posted.
  12. PostieStew

    For Sale Oem a4 18” alloys

    Looking to get shot of these if anyone’s interested? They are are all straight no buckles or welds and are in fair condition. All tyres have about 4mm left on them. looking for £250 collected.
  13. PostieStew

    Another steering wheel question.

    I’ve been reading up on upgrading my steering and have found a few old posts but I’m more confused than ever. So I’m asking you kind lot for some pointers, part numbers etc. I currently have a b8 2009 with the steering wheel with the square ish airbag with mode and voice buttons and would like...
  14. PostieStew

    Front bumper trim

    Does anyone know how to fit one of these? Do they slip over the existing part or does it replace it?
  15. PostieStew

    S line front bumper

    Hi all, is his an easy fix or does it require a whole new bumper? It's on a4 b8 s line.
  16. PostieStew

    Front parking sensor

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out? Which way up do these fit into the front grill, is it the little ridge goes at the top or bottom??
  17. PostieStew

    Sold Disklok

    I have for sale a Disclok size small for sale. It comes with ALL 3 keys a steering wheel cover and carry case. £60 posted.
  18. PostieStew

    For Sale Ford Focus Mountune parts

    Hi all, I have some Mountune parts brand new which I never got round to fitting on my previous car. First up is Mountune coolant hoses NEW in box £90 posted. Mountune Ancillary hose kit, super rare as they don't make them anymore (NEW) but no box. £150 posted. These are for a focus mk3 If you...
  19. PostieStew

    Wanted Front grille parking sensor bracket

    Hi all I'm in some need of two front grille parking sensor bracket/holder in black if anyone has any they want to sell or if there is any website to buy they from? Cheers!
  20. PostieStew

    Drivers interior handle

    Does anyone have any ideas of where to get a drivers side interior door handle that houses the power fold mirrors switch? Basically I've collected all the necessary parts for the power folding mirrors retrofit except the armrest/handle part. I've tried eBay with Audi being shut but no luck so...