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  1. Kayobong

    S3 MPG - what are you guys doing??

    19MPG does seem super low for a stock car.
  2. Kayobong

    S3 MPG - what are you guys doing??

    Bit of a different story with my 2+ S3, 19MPG mixed driving, max I've seen is 28MPG but I've not taken it on a motorway for a long cruise yet. Worse than the 4.2 V8 in my old S5!
  3. Kayobong

    S3 8P Best Intake

    So I am looking to upgrade the intake on my APR 2+ S3, I've recently purchased a Revo system but the fitment was off and I believe there must have been an error in the intake sent or tolerances with that particular kit. This has put me off of Revo as I didn't particularly feel like hacking down...
  4. Kayobong

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    The wheels are freshly refurbished in anthracite, looks lovely!
  5. Kayobong

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Thank you, I think I do too which is why I am back in one!
  6. Kayobong

    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    It's been a while, been very busy with work but here she is, my new car, a special Audi S3 which is absolutely rapid and has had 10's of thousands spent on it! Detailing wise it is unbelievably clean, easily the cleanest car I've owned, not a single stone chip on the front bumper, unmarked...
  7. Kayobong

    Sold Audi S3 8P 2007 Phantom Black (305+BHP) - £7200 ono (Cheshire)

    Good price mate, should be gone in no time!
  8. Kayobong

    New Goodyear asymmetric 5’s weird wear?

    I’ve got some new tyres on my new S3 and they’re all marked 0721 so they’re basically new and the previous owner told me that he had all 4 done. Now the wear on the rears looks a bit odd. Can anyone confirm this as I’m used to Michelin so haven’t had much experience with these tyres. Thanks...
  9. Kayobong

    Problematic S5 B8 keep or sell

    Keep it and enjoy it since you have paid to keep it going. You'll never get your money back on from all that you have spent on it, although they do seem to be appreciating in value.
  10. Kayobong

    Rear wiper motor locking nuts help!

    Already bought a few, paid £5 for 5, free shipping. Happy with that. Cheers
  11. Kayobong

    Rear wiper motor locking nuts help!

    Thank you so much! How did you find it so quickly? I spent an hour solid trying to figure it out :sob:
  12. Kayobong

    Rear wiper motor locking nuts help!

    I'm looking for the part number, dimensions or a link to the three nuts which hold the rear wiper motor in place for an 09 8P. I've searched far and wide and cannot seem to find the nuts I need. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Kayobong

    Sold 8p S3 Sportback 5 Door in Sprint Blue

    Lovely looking car, it's a shame you didn't list this a couple of weeks earlier as it's perfect :sob:
  14. Kayobong

    Wanted Audi S3 8P S-Tronic

    Found a car now, thanks!
  15. Kayobong

    Wanted Audi S3 8P S-Tronic

    Looking for an Audi S3 FL as I miss my old one too much! Looking for a bit of a change though, really want the following spec: - Panoramic Sun Roof - RNS-E headunit - Bose Sound System - Cruise Control - Would love black & white or black & red seats. - Any colour except red, would quite like a...
  16. Kayobong

    For Sale 2010 Audi S3 8p for sale

    Still available?
  17. Kayobong

    Coolant temp not going above 60c even after sensor changed A4 B6 1.9 TDI PD130

    So I've replaced the coolant temperature sensor on my B6 A4 PD130 as the coolant temp was maxing out at about 60c. Even after changing the sensor the situation remains the same. Does anyone know what the next step would be? I'm thinking thermostat potentially, if so does anyone know if this is a...
  18. Kayobong

    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    Stunning motor you have got there, looking forward to seeing the OLEDs at night. I've never been much of a TT fan, but I really like your motor, interior looks lovely, and the Turbo blue works really well on it.