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    Brakes failed on the way home

    The brake warning light is triggered by low fluid level. Which means that it will only come on after the fluid has leaked out, but it will come on before the fluid is depleted to the point that the brakes won't work. However, the brakes require pressure to function, and if there is a leak, the...
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    ODB11 S3 Throttle Response

    Tried this after having a remap. Totally screwed up the car. The slightest touch of the accelerator and the car would leap forward like a scalded cat. Engine kept stopping while driving (really annoying when the engine stops while overtaking in lane 3 of the motorway). Worse. Resetting the...
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    Fault code 329987

    Motor for defroster flap - open circuit.
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    Carista or OBDeleven?

    Can't comment on OBD11, other than that it needs their expensive proprietary dongle. Carista works with generic Bluetooth/WiFi OBD dongles or their cheap one. This also means the same dongle works with other apps like torque pro. Carista basically does nothing on the A3/S3 without a...
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    Miles to get fuel

    Additives contain metals which damage catalytic converters. Lead additives were banned years ago. In some countries, they were replaced by manganese based additives, but these also damage catalytic converters but just more slowly. Most countries have now banned manganese and iron additives for...
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    Snow driving??

    You are unlikely to need chains. However, you may need them if you plan on going to ski resorts. If the roads to the resorts are bad, then there are signs indicating when snow chains must be used. Snow socks are not considered an acceptable alternative to chains. If you have a S3, remember that...
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    Facelift S3 EPC LIGHT!

    All the EPC light means is that there is a fault with the car. Without at least a fault code analysis it is impossible to give any kind of advice. Using 95 octane fuel won't cause any running problems. Fuel in the UK is very high quality, so the S3 will run fine on any petrol avaialable via...
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    Audi s3 ESC/ASR

    Short answer: Bad idea to alter this setting. Long answer: These cars are fitted with two systems called ASR and ESC. ASR detects wheelspin during acceleration, and in the event of the wheels spinning, it blocks the accelerator pedal, which will reduce drive and allow the tyres to regain...
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    New battery installed getting error codes

    You can't. Carista can't do coding or adaptations. It only does the bare minimum fault codes (reads and resets, but won't give you any info on the fault codes, or allow you to access any additional diagnostic data stored with the codes). I wouldn't expect the lack of adaptation to give error...
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    Air con really cost £300??

    Sounds about right. Cars using R1234yf filled air conditioning use different gas and oil, and must not be allowed to come into contact with the older R134a gas or oil. So, they must be serviced only with special equipment which has never been used on an older car. The R1234yf gas is also...
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    How would a new engine effect value?

    Insurance won't be interested. They will only cover accident damage, fire or theft. You could try pushing audi for a goodwill contribution, but they don't give in easily from what I have read here and elsewhere. I wouldn't expect an engine replacement to devalue the car if done by a franchised...
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    Cylinder 1 misfire.

    Crikey. £1678 just for diagnostic. That's more than a replacement (used) engine!
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    Silica Bag - Coolant MQB Engines

    Modern coolants like G13 contain only the minimum amount of silicate needed to protect the water pump from corrosion. Older formulations used loads of silicate, so would never deplete - but had the opposite problem, the high levels of silicate could congeal into a sludge after a few years...
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    wiring diagram Audi A3 8v

    These are on audi erwin.
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    Facelift Towbar S3?

    It is illegal to tow more than the vehicle's rated towing capacity. For the S3, this is zero. Mechanically, fitting a tow bar isn't too difficult, but the zero weight limit is fixed and cannot be altered.