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  • I bought the car on finance.. thinking about trading it in this year but weighed up the pros and cons, pros being leather seats, LED lights and more bhp, cons being higher running costs, higher insurance and road tax! decided to keep mine and just upgrade her myself hence the remap.. but thats gonna be a little way down the line yet
    yea mate went up from 16".. I was told to keep the rolling radius as close as possible to the original tyres and that should help keep the mpg normal.. I monitored the juice and its done about 65 miles from £10 diesel which seems ok, I think I need to get used to how heavy the car feels with the rims on! I will know for sure when I go on a road trip.. normally get 100 miles from £10 diesel! £20 for a trip to manchester and back.. loving it lol bought mine at 12000 miles and its just hit 20k now so maybe once the engines broken in ill notice an increase.. I've TRIED to keep my foot off the floor with mine lol thinking about a remap to give her a little more zap
    Zak, our cars are identical.. tell me this, did you notice a drop in mpg after you fitted those rims? Ive just fitted 18" ronals and its a noticeable drop in mpg.. your car looks sweet btw

    Ditto what Laurie said, happy to help out if you like but I can only do weekends.

    Hi Zak,

    Sorry for the late reply, im not on here much. Happy to help you out if you are still in need of the cable.

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