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    IE image problem with Wordpress site

    Hi, might be a bit OS with this, but I have a Wordpress site, which works fine in all browsers except IE. I avoid it myself, but sadly not everyone does. All images on the site ( change their aspect ratio. As I say it looks fine in all other browsers I've used. Slightly...
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    1.8T Sline stage 1 - turbo cutting out

    thanks for the reply it's a Shark map. They're scanning it tomorrow so hopefully that'll show up any other issues
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    1.8T Sline stage 1 - turbo cutting out

    Hi, hoping someone might know the cause of this one. Got a 190 bhp sline, with a stage 1 (210) bhp remap, and induction kit (with heat shield and cold air feed). Having just spent £1300 having the multitronic edu replaced I was hoping to enjoy the car again! If I accelerate hard a few times, it...