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    2013 A4 TDi engine turbo help

    Hi i have a 2013 a4 2.0 tdi quattro avant and the engine in it is the cglc 177 bhp . i think the lower powered engine is 140 bhp
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    2013 2.0tdi thermostat

    hi all. all sorted now after my visit to awesome gti new timing belt kit and water pump and genuine thermostat fitted car gets up to temp quick and stays there thankfully i was not looking forward to winter if this was as reported normal
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    2013 2.0tdi thermostat

    Hi thanks for the reply . how long as your car been like this cant believe audi would produce a car that can not maintain engine heat . the lowest temp outside since having my car as been about 16c god help us in winter if they will not warm up now . surely these engine must of been tested in...
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    2013 2.0tdi thermostat

    Hi all i have recently purchased an audi a4 with the 177ps 2.0tdi manual quattro . the car seems to be running cool it struggles to reach just below 90c on the gauge even on the motorway if you turn the heating up the temp falls constantly fluctuates on A roads dependant on speed and outside...
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    servotronic steering relay

    Hi all I have an audi a6 2011 2.0tdi avant can anyone tell me where the servotronic relay is on this car . I have not owned the car long but the light floaty steering feeling is driving me mad , I believe the car can be returned to normal power steering by simply pulling out the relay , that is...
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    What has happened to Audi Engines

    I know exactly what you mean . I have been away from audi for a few years in the past I have owned 11 audis everything from 1.9tdis to 2.8 quattros . I was thinking of looking for another a4 or a6 I like to do my research before buying unfortunately it seems that audi do not make an engine I can...
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    How are your B6's doing with corrosion?

    I have recently had a go at sorting the front arches on my avant . I took the wheel arch liners out and give both arches a good jet washing up inside the arch around the suspension strut there was patches of rust so I scraped and sanded away the bubbling paint and gave the area two coats of...
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    Buying a house

    Banks are bound by law to get the highest price possible for a repossed property . because any short fall in what the last owner owes and the price acheived the banks will persue the owner for that money . thats why the banks will take an higher offer right upto the last minute . one other...
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    ncap testing audi a5

    just watching watchdog did you know that the audi a5 as never been ncap tested ?
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    Best audi engine need help??

    with that sort of budget you will be looking at a high milage b6 look for the avf engine that came from the factory at 130 bhp and safely remaps to 165 170 bhp great engine bullet proof if serviced regularly loads of low down talk with the right remap . had mine 4 years now 140000 miles and runs...
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    Looking for a new car any help ?

    hi . i am looking for another car owned 9 audis now currently have a 1.9 tdi b6 avant that i am thinking of selling . but personally i would not touch an early 2.0 tdi with a barge pole far far too many horror stories regarding oil pump failure shame really as i fancied a b7
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    Help! Should I buy?? :-)

    hi mate £9000 for a 2003 tt am i missing something even with that mileage is far far too much
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    audi a4 tdi 130 awx... whhhooshing / liquid sound when engine is revved

    i had this problem on a sierra once turned out to be air in the cooling system
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    Two Stroke Oil in Diesel Fuel

    why should the manufacturer or the fuel companies recommend it they think standard low sulphur diesel is fine . i am just putting the lubrication back they have taken out and also they do not have to pick up the bill for worn pumps and injectors due to reduced lubrication all i know is my car is...
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    Two Stroke Oil in Diesel Fuel

    hi all . i took my car for its mot today as mentioned in an earlier post on this topic the car is an audi a4 2004 1.9 tdi avant with exactly 138882 miles on the clock at the time of the mot . the car passed with no advisories here is the opacity test results acceleration 1/ 1.60 acceleration 2/...