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    Brake pad warning?!

    FWIW I got some Ferodo pads DS5023/DS4967 and they were WAY WAY quieter than OEM and have not squeaked at all
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    TTRS buttons install to RS3 FL wheel

    What's the button quality like? OEM levels?
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    I tried to get a quote with you guys and it was an absolute nightmare on a stock car. Constantly being told to expect a call-back, never getting one. Waiting for days, tried calling a few times ... nothing. Only to be told I couldn't get a quote because I lived in Manchester town center (in a...
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    Wind noise from drivers window

    The fact you can feel cold air from outside suggests the window/seal incidence angle is just ****, or even the door/body seal. I might get some foam strips and try to track down where the pressure differential actually comes from.
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    Wind noise from drivers window

    Bumpity bump Did anyone find a solution for this? When going 70+ in my 2018 RS3 saloon, not only is it NOISY on both driver and passenger windows (wind) but you can actually feel cold air if you put your finger tips to the top of the door frame. I can't see a gap but it smacks of the window...
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    RS3 RS Design Red Air Vents Review

    The ones with the red inside are the business. Might treat myself to a set myself if I can track some down.
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    I'm not sure anyone is debating that checking your oil is a good idea (except Audi dealerships apparently). The thread was initially about my thinking my dashboard warning / oil level sensor wasn't working. Then finding out there isn't one (even though every Audi i've owned from A2 upwards had...
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    Probably because I drive it like I stole it and drive it max for 20 mins a day ... BUT HARD I do 12k miles a year, and i've only had to top it up with oil today since its last oil change in september. That seems a reasonable burn rate to me, i'm just shocked I got below min without a dash...
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    I'm just amazed they got rid of the digital oil level warning? Doesn't sound right to me, every Audi i've ever had warned me via the dashboard just above min.
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    That's mental. Check your oil. What **** advice?! And on a performance car too!
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    WHAT?! the 2.5 doesn't have an on-dash low oil level warning? My old 2.0T did and it was a lifesaver. It, without fail, warned me on the dash just above MIN. That thing DRANK oil (within the service book's range but REGULAR top ups were needed all the time). @T-1000 - I do check it reguarly...
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    Low oil indicator not triggering

    Hi all, I used to own a 2.0TFSI, and as a result am super paranoid about oil levels. I checked the oil level in my RS3 yesterday and found it just below min on the dipstick ... lucky! Not too concerned about the oil burn rate, but the dashboard low oil warning hasn't triggered. I'd have...
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    Powdercoat on "blade" 5 RS3 wheels

    Hi all, I just got my wheels powdercoated in satin black. They are the 2018 OEM blade type wheels. They were a bit kerbed, had a previous referb and didn't work with the green wrap. I think these blade wheels with the black/chrome-face look really lovely in a non-gloss black. What you think...
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    Insurance telematics boxes

    I mean there's a difference between generic data collection for personalisation of advertising and targetted, purposeful data collection from an actual "black box" whose data is used directly to apply cost or penalty to you. Don't be reductionist, it contributes nothing.