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    Engine warning light - best ODBII device?

    Thank you for your comments - just bought a OBDEleven Pro so will see how i get on.
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    Engine warning light - best ODBII device?

    Hi I have an Audi B9 2016 - one of the first to post on this forum :) My engine orange warning light has just come on - not flashing. Last week I was asked to come in for an MMI update - something I think called 9LF. when I drove away and checked the MMI version was still on the original...
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    20,000 service and feels like new - why ?

    Hi I just picked up the car after its first full service at 20k miles. I purchased in April 2016, one of the first to post on this forum :) . Its an A4 s-Line TFSI 190 The car has always felt underpowered, slow to accelerate and just not a good drive. I always put to down to it being the 190...
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    S3 to A4 anyone done it?

    I have the A4 TFSI 190, when its not being fixed in the garage :) I have been given various loan cars including my current A5 2017 with a 252 Quatrro and now really regret getting the 190. There is a massive difference. As a S3 is not over 300 bph ? Personally, as soon as i can I am going...
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    Drive Select Warning.

    I won't name the dealer - but my gut feeling is that they have not tested it. I am now East London, I miss my west London dealer :) If I drive off tomorrow and the problem happens that day I am going to be VERY ****** off. Apparently they have had drivers testing it for 3 days.... uhm. Wish...
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    Drive Select Warning.

    Hi So my A4 B9 TFSI 2.0 190 fully loaded (April 2016 build) has been with an Audi (London dealer) since last Friday and as of today they cannot find a problem with the car :( Quick back story. Thursday last week got the yellow Drive System Warning which is what made me make this post. No...
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    Drive Select Warning.

    My luck ran out. Just went out as the warning vanished. 15miles down the road pretty sure gear box has gone bang. Roadside taking to dealer. :( Only 11k miles. Really miss my old A3 :)
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    Drive Select Warning.

    Hi I have just had a "Drive Systen" Warning (yellow) come up on my A4, first time had any warnings and this is my second Audi lease. I called 3 Audi garages today (London based), and no one can see me for a month at the earliest. Is that normal when you have a warning light? They said on a...
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    I was thinking of getting a dash cam installed - and was looking at the Duo. Seems to me a bit pointless only getting a front camera as you really want to capture some idiot going into the back of you, or am i missing something ? Has anyone seen a solution that fits into your front and rear...
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    Tuning box -190 TDI

    Just had a look on DTUK website - and they don't have the TFSI 190 kits in yet. Really want to try this - but as I am on a PCP lease - worried about getting caught :-)
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    Software update ?

    Hi So I was reading on this thread that there is already a new software version out for the A4 B9 early birds. Any builds after June 2016 should have latest already. I have 0443 at...
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    Initail review! - A4 TFSI 2.0 190 S-Line with a lot of extras!

    It was the internal cabin that blew away my old A3 and that is still the case. I love the inside of the car, feels like a really high quality car. It's just too big, and not as impressed with MPG, although i went from a TDI to a TFSI so i need to take that into account. However, you can now...
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    Initail review! - A4 TFSI 2.0 190 S-Line with a lot of extras!

    Hey! Sorry not been on the forum for a while - too much work! So I am 6000 miles in, and to be honest the honeymoon period is over. I do like the car, but I would not buy it again. I am def going back to an A3 or in fact the S3, but 5 door. For me the car is just too big for using in...
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    B9 Economy

    wow - i have been thinking something was wrong, but i was going from an Audi 3 2012 2.0 TDI to A4 B9 109 TFSI 2.0 and assumed it was the petrol difference. I have done about 3500miles now over 3 months. I have struggled to get over 20mpg and seems to make no difference if on economy or Sport...
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    2 sleeps to go.....

    very nice - was this a PCP / PCH ? Would be interested in knowing what your deal was - PM if you don't want to make public. Happy to share mine. I have had my B9 6 weeks now, and really love it. Much bigger car than my 2012 A3 Black Edition. However, I only went with the 190bph, and wishing...