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    For Sale Immaculate Audi A5 Cabriolet Special edition for Sale £14,750

    Audi A5 Cabriolet Special edition for Sale £14,750 July 2013 MOT until mid-July 2020 3.0 TDI V6 – 245BHP SAT NAV - high MMI Auto folding and dimming mirrors, with passages side dip on reverse. Electric seat with memory function, heated with neck scarf S line lowered suspension Cruise...
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    My S1

    The front splittre comes painted silver as standard with the S1 Exterior Quato pack. I did take the front bumber off to get the grill out and from memory the spliter was just attached to the the bumper with a number of screes from the underside. You might be able to get it off by just jacking...
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    My S1

    Hi there, I've now sold the S1 but am happy to help. As for the cente cosole, I bought this kit for a steal from a forum users and just had it painted and then stuck it over the original...
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    Hi there, Sorry, I did not get the notification of you message. The S1 is still for...

    Hi there, Sorry, I did not get the notification of you message. The S1 is still for sale and has no finance or been in any accidents. The car is immaculate an ready for immediate collection/ Please give me a call on 07736 100160. Cheers, Nick
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    Chip tuning

    Hi chaps, My wife bought me one of these for Christmas I have the racechip pro 2. I've used them in the past in my 3L D A5 and we have one in my wifes 2L D Q3 and the improvment was/is very noticable. I must admit I...
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    Custom made Cat back exhuast system

    Hi all, I know there has been some discussion on here, the FB page and the A1 form regarding sport exhaust systems. I've looked around and everything seems very expensive so today I went to see a custom exhaust maker not far from me (South East) that I have use in the past for my TVR and a...
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    Thinking about an S1

    Hi Mark, If I was you I'd have a look on the Audi website and see if you can find an ex demonstrator. I picked mine up in September, it was 4 month old and had 3k miles on the clock. I've got the same spec as you are after (yellow / black with both Quattro packs) with the addition of SatNav...
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    I'd probably be after a "Cat-back Non-resonated (louder). Quad Polished Round Tips" but it's all depending on cost. Cheers,
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    Yep, I might be interested depending on price.
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    exhaust valve

    I'd probably be up delivery too as I'm in deepest darkest Essex and I don't fancy the 8 hour round trip :) Cheers,
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    exhaust valve

    Louder the better as far as i'm concerned........ I come from a background of many a TVR but now need a small 4 door hatch, hence the S1.
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    exhaust valve

    I might be up for one too if we can get a cracking deal on a group buy. Cheers,
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    exhaust valve

    So, am I right in thinking you open up the control box turn the "circular spring thing" 90 degrees so it's fully open then close the box back up and disconnect the power / activation cable that is going to it? Keen to get more sound from my S1 but not keen on blowing a grand on a full system...
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    exhaust valve

    Am i right in thinking it's open all the time in Dynamic mode?
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    Armrest retrofit?

    I wouldn't bother either, it just gets in the way. I never have mine in the down position. Cheers,