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    EPB Stuck on!!

    Just as a heads up for anyone else who has this issue. You can just remove the epb motors and wind the hex bolt clockwise by hand, then replace the motors. It still needs to be repaired but at least now I can move it.
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    EPB Stuck on!!

    That was my worry. I’ve tried clearing the codes and letting it off with Carista, but no luck. My warranty will cover the recovery costs, but I was hoping not to have to drag it with the low loader. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t do much more damage.
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    EPB Stuck on!!

    2013 2.0tdi in case that matters.
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    EPB Stuck on!!

    Is there any way to manually disengage my epb? It obviously needs to go to a garage to fix the issue, but I’d rather be able to drop it off rather than fork out for a low loader that would have to drag it off my drive with the epb still engaged.
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    Air con issue

    Depends on the ambient temperature, but your high side should be at least 150psi. Just run it in for a leak check and regas. Letting it run low could kill the compressor.
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    Front lip spoiler
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    Front lip spoiler

    The first post says it’s the maxton pre facelift splitter on a facelift saloon.
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    Front lip spoiler

    I was going to ask if anyone had the ht autos splitter. Very popular on the impreza.
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    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Haven’t detailed in a while, the Impreza is just too much hard work to keep looking immaculate. So my kit needed a bit of a top up for the other halves 8v. My Wookies fist has moulted, so being replaced with a gtechniq mitt. Also ordered some i1, g6 and c2v3. Always enjoyed waxing before so I’ve...
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    Nine Years

    Disgusting. He basically murdered them two children. Years ago my cousin was driving with no insurance or mot. He had a blowout and the car flipped, killing a young lad in the back seat. He got 8 years. Deserved, but a stupid accident. How that incident deserves only a year more is beyond me...
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    Recharge air con gas

    Where did it go then? The only way to lose refrigerant is for it to leak. Normally by the way of perished seals when the air con isn’t used often enough to lubricate them.
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    Recharge air con gas

    If you need to regas then you probably have a leak. A garage would check that not just top up. A diy charge wouldn’t last long if that’s the case.
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Stupid question with regards to ac

    From experience it should blow out around 6 Celsius, which is about 43 Fahrenheit. So looks like yours is working ok.
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    Facelift S3 FL - 3 door v 5 door (differences and opinions)

    Always preferred 3 doors, but my 8p drove me mad in the end. Trying to get car seats in the back, the doors needing loads of space to open and the constant problems with the airbag light coming on with the continuous folding forward of the seats. Now the other half has an 8v sportback and it’s...