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    How do I get to the sidelight bulb?

    That lad has lady fingers compared to my ham fist:anguished:
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    Winter Tyres?

    I have these on Last winter was the first time I ever had winter tyres on the A3 and the difference in the snow with the same car in the snow the previous winter with ordinary tyres on was night & day. I...
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    How do I get to the sidelight bulb?

    Well 30 mins later & a set scraped knuckles, I've got them done, seriously though, what a stupid set up for getting the bulbs in & out, if it's going to be that tight they could have at least just made it a couple of screws to remove from the top of the headlight and the whole unit be removed to...
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    How do I get to the sidelight bulb?

    is it easier to remove the whole headlamp? I have sausage fingers:anguished:
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    How do I get to the sidelight bulb?

    I can't see where the holder is for the sidelight bulb, and I can't find it anywhere in the drivers manual on this either, it's a 2006 8P Cheers
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    Brightest Headlamp Bulbs, Any Recommendations?

    I'm after upgrading my headlamp bulbs, I'm currently running Philips Extreme Vision + but to me they still seem to be yellowish and dim from inside the car to the point I struggle to see properly in certain conditions, So I'm after something brighter without changing the whole headlamps for...
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    Part number S-line coil spring

    Does anyone know the part number for an OEM rear coil spring to fit a 55 plate 2.0 tdi (140) S-line please? cheers.
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    Bose, full or half amplified?

    I have a 2006 A3 8p with the standard single din concert 2 HU with Bose and I am trying to buy the correct SOT lead to fit a parrot hands free kit, connects2 do two for A3's with Bose, one or a half amplified system (CTTAU001) the other for a fully amplified system (CTTAU002), how do I found out...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Going to be a good weekend!

    I'm OK thanks, yeah works fine but no where near as good as your job, lol sounds like you've had a great weekends chatting about your favourite sport, bet it's been intresting getting it straight from the horses mouth so to speak rather than the usual hearsay that we have to use to make our...
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    Going to be a good weekend!

    Eyup Coss, Your going to be doing more probing for info than work I bet , lol,
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    F1 Season 2010

    You've got some patience Tim, he won the battle of making me & a couple of other decent posters go & find something less boring to do than try to have a healthy discussion about F1, I think he's trying to eventually make it his own one man thread. Keep the faith!
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    An MOT and a Few Changes

    Hi, is the gearbox oil change an easy job?, how do you go about it?