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    Would I be a fool to get a manual?

    I've driven a few modern autos through work but to be fair, no Audi cars. As for what tech they have, I'm not certain but I've noticed 7 speed and 8 speed when flicking up the paddles. It's not the actual shift speed that's the problem as they do that very quickly but the transition from rolling...
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    Would I be a fool to get a manual?

    I'm of the view that the day I cannot have a manual car anymore will be the day I give up driving. Autos just infuriate me.
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    What does your car history look like?

    1994 Nissan Micra 1.0LX 1997 Nissan Micra 1.3GX 1999 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.9 GTTDI 2003 Audi A4 2.5TDI Quattro SE 1994 Toyota MR2 Turbo (Current) 2009 A4 3.0TDI S-Line (Current)
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    UK COVID-19 coronavirus vaccinations - January/February 2021

    Exactly what I've done :icon thumright: Tucked myself back into bed after lunch and have stayed here since. From looking at other reports, it'll be gone by the end of tomorrow so that'll put me ready to get under the car from Monday (I have a week of annual leave I'm using up). I went through...
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    UK COVID-19 coronavirus vaccinations - January/February 2021

    Had the Pfizer first dose yesterday after work. Arm is aching at the insertion site but not excruciating. Woke up this morning and went until about lunchtime with nothing to note but this afternoon the chills have set in a bit.
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    VCDS - resetting service reminder after service

    When I reset mine I think I get 9400 miles for oil and 11900 for inspection. Wanted to set my own intervals but no chance could I get that to work. My mum's A3 uses a different system and that allows you to configure it as you like.
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    Ambient lights

    Took me a little while to find the box it's in but yes, that's what I did. The part number is 8E0919063A and is 'Plug & Play' although you will need to drill two holes in the plastic fascia to allow the light to shine through. It's not very bright so I took mine apart and made it brighter but...
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    Owl under the bonnet

    Yeah I know what you mean. All the clouds of soot and never would I have guessed that the equivalent sound of farting through a paper cone would become a desirable trait in modified modern cars :wtf:
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    Owl under the bonnet

    I don't mind the owl hoot but the complete lack of refinement in the exhaust note after they make it all straight pipe does my head in. Whistly, rustly and usually involves black wheels (I intensely hate black wheels and aftermarket badges lol).
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    Strutco Strut Brace – with pics

    If it's a goer then I'd be interested in one too. Minor adjustments to fit should be no problem and we could report back here with feedback on fitment for future reference? Mine is a 2009 A4 3.0TDI Quattro so it would be interesting to compare fitments.
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    Strutco Strut Brace – with pics

    I had the offer come across too but to be honest it wasn't enough of a discount to tempt me. If I don't attempt to DIY it as suggested above then perhaps I'll take one if/when a better price is presented. They do look nice (though I'd probably spray it black like you are so it's not so conspicuous).
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    anyone go gym or works out regularly?

    Thus far I haven't caved and used any. Whether I can get away with it easier than others because I'm coming from a position of significant body fat, I don't know. Started out eating in a calorie deficit to cut my body fat down and was quite happy with how that was going but then I went on a...
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    Help Please Any one fitted a Non OEM battery - e.g Lion, X-power, etc?

    I'm going to look at changing my battery soon as I've noticed it's cranking a bit slow on these cold mornings. Battery meter is still reading full though so I suspect that I may need to adjust the coding for it.
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    Sport or S line suspension

    Did a reading and discovered this thread I'll see if I can find out what code mine is. Ride is reasonably firm but I guess it could be firmer still :shrug: I'm not sure it's 30mm lower than a standard car.
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    It's friday so why not get down to that funky beat..

    I'm sticking to my 90's stuff but yeah I agree, a night in enjoying the tunes is a must :thumbs up: