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    I seem to offend people on here but ive only bought my S3 for...

    ... Decent power, decent handling, decent looks, decent ride quality, decent spec, decent heritage Im sorry to offend people and i know how much my car can be improved with ££££ thrown at it but i love it as it is! Every little helps, so to say, and im improving it but hey please stop...
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    what brakes?

    Make two piece rotors for a car, offer several different discs for it, and even just replacing the disc part when its worn and manafacturer wise its cheaper! Trust a DJ...! PS. bolts are made on such a massive scale that they cost sod all!
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    where are all the forsale modded s3's??

    If i hated saxo VTS's standard....... i wouldnt spend my time on a saxo VTS forum!!!!!
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    what brakes?

    sorrry i thought this was an audi forum...........! 2pc brakes are cheaper to produce becaude they make one stud pattern and one disc and mate them together making the disc replacement cheaper as only they need to be replaced which they can mass produce as they fit multiple discs.
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    air con?

    The temp sens in just above the climate control unit. If u sent it to 18 degrees and it thinks its below that it willl put out warm air. A bit **** imo
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    How much power from this piece?

    eek my S3 does 33 if im nice :P
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    Star Performance Testing Day – Pt4 N75s

    Right i might NOT get it then :P
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    what brakes?

    who really cares that much......................... ........sorry ive had a couple of beers! Ive had 2 piece and 1 piece brakes and thay have both been top notch - 2 piece are cheaper to manufacture so consider that...... :)
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    New ones? I just ordered a 007 - whats the new one?
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    where are all the forsale modded s3's??

    Couse not :) Have to agree though. A modified S3's owner is gonna have spent the money on the car because they love it, not just to fix it :P
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    Ive just ordered........

    Its because it just failed its mot on all of the above!! plus is cheaper to get the exhaust etc done at the same time as the ARBs etc etc :)
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    Ebay Number Plate

    Sorry but i agree!
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    Ive just ordered........

    .....Koni FSD Shocks, H&R springs and H&R ARBs. Its going in on wednesday to have them fitted - plus new lower arms along with a 5 bar pressure regulator, forge 007 DV and REVO stage 2. It will be an entirely different beast!!
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    Show us ya tints! Thinkin of gettin the S3 done...

    :O i wish it didnt take a whole day!!!
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    Star Performance Testing Day – Pt4 N75s

    If i run this with REVO stage 2 is there any way to increase the mixture setting to compensate as i dont want it to run lean and go bang!!