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    What do you do for a job?

    Work in a casino as a croupier
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    My fabia vRS

    m By the way the wheels are not red anymore Got it with 60k on FSH I like it hopefully gunna tune it abit
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    2005 "55" Audi S4 *STUNNING EXAMPLE* in Pudsey, Leeds | Used Audi for sale | my dads S4
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    ShaunS3's EPIC Build Thread

    looks crap lol....nah alot of work gone into this shaun like it mate...
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    S4 fleece/jacket

    my dad has decided he wants to dress and inform ppl he owns an S4 where can i get a coat or fleece from that says S4 cheers
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    Haynes manual for 2005 S4

    my dad has bought a 2005 S4 and wants a haynes manual for it or something like.....anyone point me in the right direction??? cheers....this is the car he bought... Audi S4 Quattro ,Upgraded Wheels , HR Suspension New Tyres Low Tax Band, A4 RS4 | eBay
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    ignition aux position?

    just got my dials back from been repaired and it says switch the ignition to aux only! im guessing tht is position 1 where dash lights come on? can anyone confirm!?
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    My old car **VERY Pic Heavy**

    it was alright ... personally my ZR was better! LOL!! like my gay A3 is better than ur S3!
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    it decides on how much fuel i got depending on if im on a hill...or just driving in general! one min i got full tank then half then maybe none...found out its the gauges themselves gotta send em off to be repaired!
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    Need help dials are going mental!!

    about £400 if u do it properly but as has been said there are companies that will fix em for you! thats where im gunna be sending mine to it comes to about £130 in total i think!
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    Need help dials are going mental!!

    my fuel gauge sits on empty too! but i have had mine checked and its the dials that are faulty and need replacing..common fault on em...but not a cheap fix! take it to an auto electrician and get them to check the earths and stuff and check all the fuses! all stuff i did before!
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    cluster removal

    noob question but DIS? my fuel gauge isnt reading properly so gotta send it off going to a place called BBA Reman in kent i think cant remember what price they sed but im sure it was £150 all in all!
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    cluster removal

    thanks ppl seems very easy!!!
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    cluster removal

    how do i get my clocks out to send em off to be repaired?? is it easy? thanks Daniel
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    A3 8L!