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    Spent some time on the paintwork..

    Its good to see you're looking after my old car! I knew after i'd spoke to you that it was going to a good home. I hope you're enjoying it?
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    Gutted.. Car Banned :'-(

    Not exactly his 38k! Its financed up.
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    8V PRE FL LED reverse lights offer (SOLD OUT)

    Hello again matey, can you do me a set of fog light leds to match my xenon headlights and also a pair of these reverse bulbs? Cheers Wes
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    Facelift Mystery Cables

    Sorry only just seen this. PM sent many thanks
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    iOS 10 Bluetooth problem :(

    Does this on my van, It seems linked with when Sire is being used, If Siri is off it doesnt happen.
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    Facelift Mystery Cables

    Hi buddy, could i please take the mmi cable? Thanks
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    Who's REVO stage 2 ?

    Statllers in Sheffield highly recommended.
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    1.6 TDI AMD Remap any experiences / results

    What kind of figures can be seen Rick?
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    Replacement Pedal Rubbers to Chrome caps

    I put mine in hot water for a few minutes, then lipped the right hand side of the pedal over first and the left hand side slipped over really easy! Hot water does work. Took me about a minute for both once they were warmed up.
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    Show us Daytona's

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    Think I'm in love with my Courtesy Car... Mods?

    Don't be going to the filling station anytime soon then if you're not sure if its petrol or diesel!! haha
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    Remap for A3 184 Quattro?

    Dtuk offer tuning boxes for mentioned car, They have £60 off at the moment too. I'm going to get one for mine after reading the reviews.
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    Brake problem - Audi dealer can't bleed them even

    Thread revival! I also have exactly the same problem but also have a hiss at the pedal! Any help appreciated.