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    Uncomfortable Standard Seats

    I'm driving a 45 TFSI Sports saloon. I opted for the standard seats rather than the sports seats as they seemed fine on my test drive. Big mistake. Seat comfort is subjective but I find these really uncomfortable. The car seat squab is too short and doesn't adjust for tilt. I also find that...
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    Boot Curry Hooks

    I managed to purchase two boot curry hooks from the following German site, The part number is 8W0867615A and the A at the end is important as it's Audi A6 specific. They don't need screws or brackets as they slot securely into some matching...
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    Boot Curry Hooks

    I've got a 45tfsi Sport saloon and I'm looking for some curry hooks to install in the boot. Does anybody know where I might source these?
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    New A6 with a third off RRP

    My 45TFSi has a slightly wafty feeling to it in a good way and is extremely refined. It encourages relaxed and stress-free but still fast motoring. The engine's very torquey, smooth and quiet and feels much bigger than 2 litres (two people have assumed it's 4.5 liters!). It's never very...
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    New A6 with a third off RRP

    I'm currently leasing an Audi A6 45tfsi sport, but I think that's a really excellent price for a 40 TDI Black Edition with lots of bells and whistles. I guess what it points to is that large saloons just aren't that fashionable any more with the move to 4wds and cross-overs. I don't see a lot...
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    Audi A6 2.0TFSI Quattro Sport - Thinking of Cancelling Order

    Thanks for everybody's advice, which is very encouraging. I'll go and check out a car at the dealership.
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    Audi A6 2.0TFSI Quattro Sport - Thinking of Cancelling Order

    I'm currently leasing an Audi A4 1.4 TFSI S- Line manual, which I'm quite happy with. I've signed a contract to replace it with another leased Audi, an Audi A6 2.0TFS Quattro Sport S-Tronic in December with no options apart from different 18'' alloy wheels. The deal seemed great at £8,000 for...
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    A6 Standard Suspension

    I'm leasing a A6 45 TFSI Sport Quattro saloon for December delivery with the standard suspension, not the lowered, Sports, suspension or the dynamic dampers one. I can't find any reviews of the car with just the standard suspension. Does anyone have any experience with it?
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    Facelift Hard ride

    I'm running 18 inch wheels on a B9 S-Line saloon with the Comfort suspension rather than the sports suspension. Ride height is higher but the ride/handling compromise is pretty good. Handles well enough and the ride is pretty good.
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    1.4 vs 2.0 TFSI diference

    I think you can live without the virtual cockpit. I don't have it on my s-line but you still have a colour panel between the speedo and the rev-counter that you can flip to different functions, including displaying the sat-nav.
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    1.4 vs 2.0 TFSI diference

    I'm averaging 40mpg on my 1.4 67 plate A4 saloon, with a mixture of country roads and motorway and some urban driving. I've been quite impressed with its performance, particularly on the motorway, and it's rare, even overtaking, that I've felt I've needed more performance. It has roughly the...
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    Some basic questions - moving from an A3

    My non-tech pack S-Line has a slot for an SD-Card onto which I put my music, not a juke box hard drive. It works great. It also has an arm-rest USB slot for charging a phone and teeing up Apple Car Play or Android Auto. My online traffic has expired but I haven't bothered to renew it as I use...
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    Android Auto

    Android Auto makes some of the features in the MMI system redundant. You don't need to worry about sat nav updates, for example, if you use google maps navigation on your phone. I pretty much use Android Auto exclusively to handle my navigation, phone calls, music and suchlike.
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    2.0 tfsi a viable replacement?

    I've been getting 40 mpg from my 1.4 manual on a mixture of country B roads, town and motorway. The 1.4's not slow and has more than enough oompth to deal with modern driving conditions. It's as fast as my first VW Golf GTI Mk 1, which back in the early eighties we all thought of as amazingly...
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    I knew I couldn’t stay away for long

    You've got a great deal. Congratulations. My current leased car is identical to your future car, except for being in Brilliant Black rather than Ibis White. I'll be interested in hearing what you think of the 1.4(or 1.5) engine after driving the 2 litre petrol.