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    Delighted with my first Audi, but missed the excitement of previous car a Honda S2000. Desperate for a 2 seater sports car again rather than a convertible saloon. 2012 black 250AMG Ltd Edition SLK seems to be doing just that so far. Now am lumbered with spare set 16" alloys from the Audi off...
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    Late lane mergers, ram ur car in there why don't u :@

    Got my own back today. Proceeding along dual-carriageway at 70mph with no other traffic except Porsche fast catching me up as I begin to slow approaching a coned off section leading into road works. Porsche decides not to slow but positions himself ready to barge past at the last minute as...
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    Late lane mergers, ram ur car in there why don't u :@

    And why not? If the berk is daft enough to crash that's his problem.
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    people who merge onto motorways and duel carriageways to slow

    The worse posting ever for spelling mistakes. Learn to spell before you post your rants otherwise you will be dismissed as too thick ( note TOO thick not TO thick. Duel spelt DUAL and you should know when to use TO or to should be TOO. Iv should be I've. Breaks is BRAKES
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    Wheel Trims

    PLEASE PLEASE NO NO TO PLASTIC WHEEL TRIMS unless you have shares in Halfords or want people to think you're so poor you can only afford the basic model. Think laterally and consider spraying wheels silver or anthracite, fit caps to the exposed wheel nuts and find a centre cap that will fit and...
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    Late lane mergers, ram ur car in there why don't u :@

    I have a dream............. I'm driving a beat up old Landrover with huge rusty bumpers and don't have a driving licence to lose, maybe I know I'm going to die next week. Burk in the BMW, Prat in the Porsche, **** in the Transit, F...g rep in his Ford, they all barge in front and...
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    Police Stopped Me!

    Judging by the poor communications skills of your posting, the derogative language, and what I sense is an 'attitude', it is you with the problem not the police. Suggest in future you say less and not write at all, for you are never going to win battles with the likes of the police or other...
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    Slight coolant loss v6

    Had sudden loss of coolant a year ago, unable to find leak so added some stuff Bars or Barrs which I remember using on old 1950's/60's cars. Did the trick though as no loss since.
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    Love the big OE 18" alloys but run 16" aftermarket alloys (with proper Audi centre caps so look OE) to soften ride when suffering a bout of bad pain. They are a boring medium silver so considering a re-spray in a bright silver to co-ordinate with alloy waist trim/chrome rims to spotlights etc...
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    Is this a real S Line ???? (help)

    Oh dear it has a Nurburgring sticker on the back, that has to be a bit sad and would lead me to question the mentality and possible delusional driving skills of the owner.
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    WOMEN CAN'T OVERTAKE - some old people can't either

    They sit on your bumper in their huge new Range Rovers, especially those showy Evoque things all very Cheshire WAG, their pin sized heads peering over the steering wheel, frozen in fear because they are frightened of the power and don't know how to overtake. A zillion times I've been...
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    Caught speeding...all of a sudden:

    It's all about the money not the speed. Was caught myself doing 40 in a 30 2 months before early retirement and after 22 years driving between 30 & 50 thousand miles per year. 3 points & £60. The 2 cars I use have cruise control and as soon as I enter a limit the cruise gets set and wow! I...
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    Painted My Calipers!! (Eventually)

    Useful info but please AXLE is spelt thus, NOT AXEL !!!!!!!!!!
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    Imola Yellow Roll call

    White is also the colour of Transit vans and refrigerators and now so very very common.