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    Genuine Audi A6/S6/RS6 Headlamp Left N/S 4G0941043D Brand New SALE PRICE

    Is this still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Digital Service Record...

    Good job I found this post, had the same issue, no S&S module meaning no key user agreement. Went down to the local dealer, showed them my A6 v5, they updated their records but myAudi still asking to define user via the dealer. After a few back and forward calls, one of the sales guys managed to...
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    Audi Connect - no vehicle code & no Safety & Service module

    Cheers guys, makes a bit more sense. I've been down to the dealers so they have me as the new owner of the car however when I log into the myAudi app; it is still saying to define myself as the owner and I need to contact the dealer to do this (and it will unluck more features - I'm guessing...
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    Audi Connect - no vehicle code & no Safety & Service module

    Any else in a similiar position as me of not being able to become primary Key user for your A6? I've managed to complete varification steps but can't get the last one done as my vehicle doesn't have/didn't come with the 10 digit vehicle code. So no vehicle code, means no key user! I wanted to...
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    Time to say goodbye to the B6

    After 13 years, it's time to say goodbye. Anyone interested in a 1.9TDI Sport (2004) - please check the Classifieds. I'm not moving far, needed a bigger car so got myself a A6 C7 Black Edition :-D
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    Sold 2004 Audi A4 (B6) 1.9TDI GMBH Sport with RNS-E Sat Nav: 4 Dr Saloon in Akoya Silver

    After 13 years of ownership, it is with reluctance that I’m selling my awesome Audi A4. I bought the car in February 2006 from a work colleague (mileage was 30,100) – so this is a 2 owner car from new. Current mileage is 159,450 Not seen many with a similar spec which includes RNS-E Satelitte...
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    Retrofitting Door strip lighting

    Guys, I do like the look of C7 with the door strip lighting, looks very cool. My c7 doesn't have the lighting pack (even though most of the lights are LED but the puddle light is ambient) Has anyone retrofitting the to the strip light on the doors? Thanks!
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    Looking for a 2015/16 2L Black Edition - Advice needed

    They come as standard I believe :-)
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    Looking for a 2015/16 2L Black Edition - Advice needed

    As title, I'm on the look out for a new car and have my eyes on a 2015+ 2L Black Edition. Which options are a must? Having had a brief search, looks like the Technology Pack is a great addition with the bigger screen and colour DIS. Any others that I should consider in my search? If anyone is...
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    A4 B6 Camber adjustment (garage recommendation)

    Thanks! I guess it was too much hard work for them to adjust the rear; they just said the fronts are not adjustable. Is shifting the sub frame a big job?
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    A4 B6 Camber adjustment (garage recommendation)

    Took the car to ATS to have all the wheels aligned. Result was the alignment is out aswell as the camber. They couldn't do the rear camber and apprently front isn't adjustable; is this true? Can anyone recommend a place in West Yorkshire that can align/camber adjust the settings? Thanks in...
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    Finding the RNS-E before removing the unit

    Guys, How do I find the RNS-E code on my unit? I need to remove it but need the code before I remove it. Engineering mode? The unit was a retrofit which I did about 10 years ago. Thanks in advance!