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    Smart Tv which one ?

    My vote for Sony Bravia because it has the good option control for HDMI because of which I can automatically turn off the connected equipment when I turn off the TV. The TV will automatically turn on and select the respective HDMI input. The connected equipment is turned on by One-Touch-Play...
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    What mobile phone do you have?

    I was too afraid..eagerly waiting to know who was the caller!! At first I was having Galaxy S4 mini but after some time, its working become too slow. Then I switched to Sony Xperia Z1.
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    Thoughts on Number plate style

    I think you should select 3D gel plates. You can also google for searching more fancy number plates. By seeing yourself, you would come to know more designs about it.
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    What do you do for a job?

    I have done my studies in electronics field. Market engineering is the structured, systematic and theoretically founded procedure for which we have to analyse, design, introduce and also quality assuring of electronic market. I also invent some new products which can be used in today's market.
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    What do you do for a job?

    I am marketing engineer...enjoying my job
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    Paul Walker tribute day Santa pod

    Wow, if the pics of cars are truly awesome, then what about the real view? Great of you buddy that you attended the event.
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    S4 Forecourt fail lol

    Mobile is for taking out pics and videos. I would have definitely take a pic unless I get a chance. But you don't worry, whenever you will see such cars in future, take out the mobile fast and take a pic...
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    Who collects on 1st March 14?

    I think 1st of March will be the busiest day. I am too waiting for the same.
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    The new car

    Wow Nathan, its awesome car. Great choice on the car. Colour also looks good. You are going to have a bright year ahead.
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    am I mad or do bumps make my steering go loopy!

    This is a car which you have bought last month and last week you have hit the pathole, get to a garage or tyre specialist as soon as possible as the tracking may well be out. Not doing this will lead to severe tyre wear and higher fuel consumption.
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    My new S4!

    Thanks for providing information regarding DtD. Infact I was also having some problem regarding to DtD and my local dealer would not match the DtD price.
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    2.5 tdi temperature

    According to my knowledge, 130 miles later the engine lunches itself and part of the new audi oem parts, had failed prematurely.