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    Who was looking a Colour DIS?

    Yes, well close. It had 175k odd now it has 173k odd. It wears mileage as a badge of honor now so no point giving it a hair cut :)
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    Who was looking a Colour DIS?

    I'm not entirely sure of the exact process to be honest. They guy who did it for me referred to it as a clone so I presume an image is taken of the original clocks and programed onto the replacement. My car is a 2005 the colour DIS clocks are from a 2007 model.
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    Who was looking a Colour DIS?

    Finally got this actual instrument cluster installed -
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    3.0 tdi transmission shudder on full torque

    Worn inner cv's will cause a rotational type of vibration under heavy load.
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    best place to get xenon adaptersb7
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    Audi S3 Suspension question

    TT dampers will fit the S3.
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    Uprated suspension but no lowering - what to get?

    Try fit the S3 springs to the A3 or vise versa and come back to comment. An S3 has a different suspension setup to an A3. The H&R quoted lowering amounts are specific to the S3 and have zero bearings in comparrison to an A3.
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    Eibach or H&R arb's

    The dampers are better in KW V1 than the cheaper ones used in the AP's. You get what you pay for is a paramount principle when considering coilovers. Ive driven a considerable amount of cars with various grades of coilover and I can honestly say the difference is noticeable.
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    Eibach or H&R arb's

    You think? So theres no point in buying a KW setup over AP, KW's economy offering? By that rational why not just buy JOM?
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    Eibach or H&R arb's

    I dont know what you were trying to say there that got censored? You never mentioned on the thread that you need to replace the arb's as a matter of necessity. AP are an economy coilover by the way. Dont be deluded into thinking they are something they're not.
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    Eibach or H&R arb's

    If I were you I'd spend you money on better coilovers and leave the arb's till the next time. H&R twin tube would be within your budget if you put the ap and arb kit money together. You'd have a quality stainless steel coilover, properly setup H&R springs with vastly superior Koni damping. An...
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    Eibach or H&R arb's

    Thickness analysis is irrelevant when comparing brands that use different materials. The idea behind arb kits is to nutralise over/under steer. In the S3's case its under steer. Teamed with a proper suspension setup, fresh bushes and decent tyres either kit will be a great addition.
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    42 Draft 225 3" Street Series Downpipe

    Read further down -