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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    My A4 is a lease so I don't have tracking information unfortunately and only have their estimated "arrival at dealer" date to go on. This has been slipping slowly and is currently 6th Sep but god knows whether it'll stay that way. I've also had a couple of emails (a few weeks back, ended up in...
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    Leasing advice?

    My new A4 is a lease, arriving in the next few weeks. I basically treat PCP and leasing interchangeably as I'd only ever give the car back at the end of a PCP agreement anyway so they're much the same to me. Just a question of which is cheaper. This time leasing was the best option and no PCP...
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    Audi A3 Question

    Lol this thread is a bit confusing. PFL had no dynamic indicators anywhere. FL had them at the rear as standard FL had them on the front only as part of Matrix LED lights Wing-mirrors never had them :)
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    Rising used car prices.

    I paid about £39k for it new so it's more like 64% residual value! Should clear about £5.5k after paying off the remaining finance.
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    Car feels sluggish after using e10 petrol

    I've had a couple of tanks of E10 now and can't say I've noticed any performance difference, nor is there any logical reason there should be. What has been widely reported is worse economy with E10.
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    Audi Beam - LED Door puddle lights RINGS come as standard ?

    Yep, were standard when I ordered mine but, when it arrived, whilst they were fitted, the box for them was in the car containing the standard lights as the dealer had obviously had to fit them as the factory hadn't. Chucked the old ones straight in the bin :)
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    Rising used car prices.

    It's nuts lately. I'm looking to get shot of my S3 (44 months old) in the next few weeks and stuck it up on Wizzle last week. Within hours I had four offers over £25k when the last time I checked early this year I was getting quotes around £22-23.
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    S3 7spd s-tronic motorway driving

    It's hilariously effortless at motorway speeds. I've driven mine on Autobahns and even at 100-120mph, the pick-up in 4th/5th is fantastic and really aids progress. The only slightly irritating thing to be aware of is, if in sport mode, the gearbox will hunt between 6th and 7th a lot. It will...
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    Little surprises?

    The S3 does it if the Engine/Exhaust sound is set to Dynamic in Drive Select, not sure about 'regular' S-Tronic models but worth a try. Trivia: You don't get the 'farts' when launching as it's actually slower.
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    New order…

    I ordered at the end of March and delivery is currently estimated at mid to end of August so things are moving, just a bit slower than normal.
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    Drivers Window not auto

    From memory, I think you have to close the window, then release the switch, then move it to the close position again and hold it for a couple of seconds.
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    B9 2.0 TFSI or 2.0 TDI 190

    All of these MPG numbers are pie-in-the-sky utopia compared to my S3 :D
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    B9 2.0 TFSI or 2.0 TDI 190

    I drove diesel company cars for 17 years but that was mainly due to P11D tax being so much lower. I've been driving petrols for over six years now and have recently ordered an A4 Avant 40TFSI (204PS). Diesel only makes sense nowadays if you're doing lots of long-distance driving.
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    Pilot Sport 4 or CrossClimate+? Oldham, UK

    Personally I'd stick with the PS4s (or similar) and, if you're concerned about winter performance, get a separate set of dedicated winter tyres on some spare wheels. Might seem expensive but the all round CrossClimate type tyres strike me as a 'jack of all trades, master of none' compromise...
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    Existing order and MY22?

    Hi, So I have an order in since last month. It's a straight PCH lease and a factory order which originally had an ETA of July. I've just been informed that the ETA is now start of September, which doesn't bother me, but does raise the question of model years. With delivery in September, is it...