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    A5 2.0tdi ultra or 3.0 tdi?

    My own personal experience comes from the 3.0 TDI solely, so I can't provide a comparison. Mine was a CAPA engine from 2008 and overall didn't put a foot wrong. The available power and torque was very accessible and makes the whole car feel so very capable and usable, and the fuel economy wasn't...
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    2013 A4. New Alt, new Battery.

    Well done mate - it would be worth posting the fix for your issue so that others with the same issue who find this thread can potentially apply the same fix.
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    3.0 tdi missing between 1400 2000 revs

    Did you change the crank sensor with a genuine part? These are plug and play as far as i'm aware, although I was under the impression that if the ECU gets an implausible signal from either the crank sensor or cam sensor, it won't run / will cut out, depending on whether it was running in the...
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    2013 A4. New Alt, new Battery.

    Live or ignition-live? If it's the former, then that's likely causing a constant drain.
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    Any Aircon Gurus

    Another regas would do nothing for you if it's in the green already once the A/C is switched on with the engine running, and there's no point risking an over-gas. It could be an imbalance in pressures between the low and high system of your AC, but then again, even if the compressor is working...
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    A4 2.0 Tdi Exhaust Smell in Engine Bay

    Garage could smoke test it for you to pin point the leak, and they don't typically charge much for it.
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    Wont rev past 2500...

    It depends on the version of your ECU software and whether it's been tampered with. Mine was in both those cases and never threw a DPF fault code, only a "turbo underboost" due to it not regenerating, becoming blocked and heavily restricting air. i.e. huge back pressure. If yours is blocked (oil...
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    Wont rev past 2500...

    Thanks. Your high pressure fuel pump could potentially be unable to push any more due to ongoing failure. The next step would be to rule out if you are getting adequate fuel pressure or not, which can be accurately logged with VCDS while driving. This can be done cheaper using an EML327 adaptor...
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    Wont rev past 2500...

    What engine code is yours? CAPA, CCWA? That'll give other members a bit more to go on. If the fault code has not been cleared, there is potential for it to not rev past 3,000RPM. Does your coil light flash or come on when you try to push it past 3,000RPM for more than say a few seconds?
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    3.0 tid v6 oil leak

    In my case, no, because my EGR was stuck open due to carbon build up. A functioning EGR will open and close depending on the needs of the ECU, and with a blanking plate and high exhaust pressure, you'll get blowby (even on the tightest screwed blanking plate). If an EGR is mapped out...
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    A5 2.0 TDI Quattro 2dr tyre pressure?

    They should be in your car's manual. You can get a rough idea of what the proposed tyre pressures are by putting the spec of your tyres into google, followed by "tyre pressures". For example, "245/45 R18 tyre pressures". You will find a similar layout of numbers on every tyre wall, including yours.
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    Carbon clean recommendation

    Very clean. Glad it got sorted.
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    An interesting swirl flap journey

    They do love to do that. Glad to see it was a simple fix for you, mate. If it comes to the point it keeps doing it, you can buy replacement flaps and clean your upper and lower intake of build up while you're there. If the car has had an actively running and functioning EGR during it's life...
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    3.0 tid v6 oil leak

    I had a leak in the same place, and in my case, it turned out to be coming from my EGR blanking plate located in front of the actuator flap, which was also saturated in oil underneath it. My EGR was stuck open (never fault coded due to old software) but was mapped out, but even with a blanking...
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    An interesting swirl flap journey

    "Rather than buying a stop I thought I could achieve the same thing by raising the motor slightly in order to change how the motor sat in relation to the linkage, I put washers under the motor mounting bolts. Hey presto the thing works!"