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    Interior trim colour code and armrest....

    Anyone know where to find the colour code for the interior plastic trim, on the data sticker, or on a piece of trim? and...........anyone know where to locate the colour code for the plastic trim on the centre armrest? (there's an armrest on a A3 at a scrap yard, but not sure if it's the...
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    Rear washer jet > stopped working > HELP!

    Fixed! it was the joint behind the air filter, within the piece of conduit
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    Rear washer jet > stopped working > HELP!

    Rear washer jet packed up about 3 days ago - - pipe has not detached at the wiper motor and no leakage at joint - both pipes (for front and rear) still connected to pump at resevoir - with pipe detached from wiper motor and pressing stalk to pump water, slight air bubbles form out of the...
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    Elsawin experts???

    Trying to install this on my another PC - only the PC has Adobe 7.0 onstalled and Elsawin won't run- any ideas on how to get around it?
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    Interferance on my Concert radio when in CD mode

    As above, when I change the volume whilst using CD mode, or change from CD to Radio mode, you can hear 'blips' only does it when in CD mode! other odd thing is that you can turn the up the volume louder when using radio, compared to when using CD's - at a ceratin point the sounds just...
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    Noise on tickover when cold

    definitely the hydraulic tappets - you could try using an engine flush such as that by Forte - the problem happends as the lifters get caked in oilly crud over time, thus stopping oil getting in to them as soon as would normally be the case - hence the ticking noise which is un-lubed metal-on-metal
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    Dash displays 'FUSE' in place of trip reading!

    FIXED! It was one of the 2 fuses for the dash - fuses nr. 11 and 15 (5amp).
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    Dash displays 'FUSE' in place of trip reading!

    Thanks for that - however, battery seems fine and I've swapped the 3 fuses around on top of the battery and the problem is still there...... HELP!!!!
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    Dash displays 'FUSE' in place of trip reading!

    As above, the dash on my A3 is showing 'FUSE' above in place of where the trip display usually is (right hand side above the mileage reading). Anybody else had this and know which fuse to replace - checked the obvious ones in the fuse box (11, 15, 41 which all relate to dash etc but all fuses...
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    12V power feed to the boot

    I want to run a 12v pressure washer (for cleaning down my mountain bike after muddy rides!), so it would only be running for 15mins tops at a time. However, may also run an electric coolbox at times.
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    12V power feed to the boot

    anybody done this and gone any tips?
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    Tdi problems-glow plug light comming on and staying on!

    try the cheap option first of changing all 4 plugs (cheap to buy and easy to replace) and/or get a basic diagnostic done i.e. see if the engine ECU is showing up any fault codes - btw you don't have to pay an audi dealer the £80 or so that most of them charge for a diagnostic - any garage...
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    HELP! Etka users and gear box techies

    suspect my diff may be screwed - there are plenty of 02J boxes around but what I need to know is are ALL diffs the same i.e. will an 02J box fitted to a 1.8 engine A3 fit my TDI (110)??? if it does, then I plan to cannibalise 2 boxes in to one.
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    no power/link from HU to CD changer

    even though it's a non Audi unit, a converter BUS lead was fitted and it worked perfectly with the previous Concert unit, so the fact that it is not an Audi changer is not the issue.......or shouldn't be!