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    Swopping a manual to an auto gearbox?!?

    Just fishing at moment for a wacky idea i had! How difficult would this be if at all possible? I have a 2003 Allroad 2.5 Tdi with a manual box but would have preferred an auto for towing a caravan. If i sourced an auto box what else would i need and how would this affect the car's electronics...
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    Avant Cabin/Courtesy light problem

    Hi all, i have a problem where the rear cabin/courtesy lights don't come on when the rear doors are opened. The front lights come on ok but the rear passenger one doesnt neither does the tailgate one light up. I have checked the bulbs. Also when you open the rear doors, the bottom of the door...
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    Wear and tear on door interior handles!!

    Hi all, i,ve just bought a used allroad 2.5 TDi 2003 with 75k on the clock and i'm wondering if there is anything i can do with the interior handles/switches that seem to have a rubber coating that has worn off in places. It looks a bit naf and i hope you'll have some tips other than replacing...