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    Wanted Audi A3 8V Parcel Shelf Straps

    Seen these go for about £15 each from Audi parts. Can't justify this for a piece of string! Need both left and right.
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    For Sale Breaking my 2009 S3 8P Revo Stage 2+ Complete Ibis White

    Left and right parcel shelf straps available?
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    DTUK vs TDI-Tuning Box on A3 184 TDI

    Very interested in this thread. As well as the OP's question, does the 184's clutch handle with the extra power? Will it need replacing?
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    Remap options

    Nice write up. Any issues with the clutch?
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    bigger nozzles for the 2.5 TDI V6, at last useful info !!!

    The car isnt 8 valve, the model is. Its an A3 8V.. (similar to 8P)??
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    LED Headlights

    Speak to @t8ups
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    bigger nozzles for the 2.5 TDI V6, at last useful info !!!

    Not entirely sure what you're asking... I used to have a MK4 VW Golf TDI (90hp), and had 110hp nozzles fitted with great results. I now have a 8V 184hp TDI, wondering what else could be done (besides a remap) to improve power.
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    bigger nozzles for the 2.5 TDI V6, at last useful info !!!

    Anyone know if there are any uprated nozzles for an 8V 184hp TDI?
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    Good deal on Shell Helix Ultra Engine Oil

    Hi guys, Looking for some oil and came across this deal: What do people think of this stuff? Who's used it? Any feedback? I have a 8V 2ltr TDI (184) and was considering it.
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    Pirelli P Zero

    Looking for tires for mine at the moment as the Bridgstones from the factory are awful. Seen this, looks too good to be true:
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    Door Lights dim/not bright enough

    Speak to t8ups ( He's a member on here and is the guy to go to for everything light related. Quality products, service and price. Currently spec'ing up my new 8V with him.
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    8PA to 8V

    Like you, went from an 8P170 to an 8V184. Glad i waited for a 184 than a 150.
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    Is BP ultimate diesel worth it?

    Only used BP once in 11 years of driving, and it was Ultimate. Never again. Burned through so quickly. I stick to Shell.
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    Boycott Sytner?

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    Install Front Centre Speaker

    Looks cool, although is there that much improvement in sound in a single speaker? Not knocking the mod.