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    2009 B8 Audi Drive Select with dynamic steering

    Slightly off topic, but have you got any pics with the eibachs fitted? I' looking to lower my 3.0tdi avant.
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    Retrofit Advanced Key

    I'd like to do this to mine
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    B8 3G MMI+ Bluetooth streaming

    Have you got a link to the one you use? I've found some that are 3g high, but I've not the the aux option on the source menu, just ami.
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    B8 3G MMI+ Bluetooth streaming

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I won't be able to use the receive calls as it'll be connected the the tune2air? I'll buy one and give it a try as it looks to be the only option.
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    B8 3G MMI+ Bluetooth streaming

    Hi, I've got a 2011 a4 fitted with the 3G MMI+ system. I know there's the tune2air adaptor but is there an option where I can control my Spotify on the MMI?
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    Coding request

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to enable drive select on my a4 b8. I'm in Doncaster but don't mind travelling too far. Thanks Gareth
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    Hi, seem like your the go to company for my remap. Can I have a quote for a remap on my 2011 a4 3.0tdi quattro stronic please? Cheers.
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    3.0 v6 tdi Quattro map

    Thanks for that.
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    Audi B8 Retrofit Front Facelift

    Hi, do you mind letting me know what parts are required for the face lift and anything that isn't plug and play? Cheers.
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    3.0 v6 tdi Quattro map

    I'd also like to fit the ads to my car, question though. Mines s tronic, could I put it in manual drive and have dynamic mode? Also, has anyone got a part number for the ads button that goes on the dash?
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    Stronic issues

    Cheers, I'll look into that. I've found a very low mileage gearbox from a 2013 A5 that would be ideal if it'll fit? I recall reading that revisions were made to the gearbox in 2012.
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    Stronic issues

    I picked my car up for audi yesterday, they've reset the adaptations and carried out a 40 mile drive. I jumped in it this morning and........... the shunt is still there. I like the car but don't want to spend over 9k on a gearbox. Are the gearboxes compatible between my 2011 and say, a 2012 -...
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    19inch rotor alloys rediamond cut or polish up the rim or paint the whole wheel ?

    I polished them up with a buffer and a cutting compound.
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    3.0 V6 TDi quattro fuel consumption

    Over the last 2k I've managed 38mpg according to the trip in 2011 3.0tdi quattro. Generally doing extra urban driving with some blasts thrown in. It's not as good as my bmw e60 530d, it would do between 40-42mpg.
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    19inch rotor alloys rediamond cut or polish up the rim or paint the whole wheel ?

    Just polished them but I think I'm going to lacquer. You can but a clear etch lacquer, think I'm going to try that.