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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    Yeah, it is on eBay. I've had it since it was a year old (Jan 2008) and I think it's now time to move on, so it's up for sale. Also on Autotrader, Pistonheads, Edition38 and here :)
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    A few of mine from the 'for sale' ad... It's been through a host of changes over the years, but it's time to move on :)
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    Worst Job Ever - Headlining

    On Sunday a mate & I swapped every piece of Alcantara trim from my A4 into his and all of his stock trim into mine as I'm selling the car. That included the headlining, A/B/C pillars, sill trims... the lot. It took us about 6 hours – not too bad, but not as easy as my old VW Golfs come apart!
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    Tyre safety advice wanted..Is this safe?

    I'm surprised that's holding air! Get it changed asap – always better to be on the safe side.
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    Breaking my A4 and selling up after 5+ years

    I'm sure most of you will know my A4 or have at least seen photos of it as it turns up in most Google searches for B7s. I've decided it's time to part it out and move on, so here's a list of parts that are now up for grabs on a PX basis... - Custom RS4 Recaro front & rear seats...
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    A few A4 2.0T modification questions :-D

    I ran 8.5x19 INDs (ET45) for a bit with 17.5mm spacers all round - pretty much flush at the back and a slight tuck on the front whilst making room for the 2.0T brakes.
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    Considering a seat change...

    I'm actually now thinking of changing my A4 for a 911 (997) so PM me if you're interested in any of the parts on a PX basis. Full interior, lots of alcantara trim, air ride, etc. :)
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    Swirls/ Spiders webs

    Yup, a professional detailer will be able to offer a paint correction service. Even if you have the kit, it will still take a lot of time and patience, so paying a professional is a good option. You're also paying for their experience and expertise. For example, Audi paint tends to be pretty...
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    Considering a seat change...

    Ah, they're old now ;) I'm currently running Rotiform INDs 8.5x19" all round: I bought the INDs to switch it up a bit, but my main ("show") wheels are Rial Daytona Race – front are 8.5x19", rear are 10x19':
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    Considering a seat change...

    That's Luke's RS4 (Plush Automotive). They fitted my air ride, audio and trimmed everything up. I couldn't make it to Audi's in the Park :( Luke was trying to convince me to do the dash like his, but I think that would be too much in my car. I wanted to keep the dash black, which is also...
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    Considering a seat change...

    Yeah sure, my full address is.... oh no, wait! ;) haha
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    Considering a seat change...

    Where did you read that they were the most stolen?! I live in London, have a full RS4 interior with custom retrim, so you've got me worried now! I keep the Audi in a typical 1970s garage – it's hard enough for me to get in & out of the car, so good luck getting the seats out :)
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    Get your wheels out for the lads!!

    I've had a few sets over the years... Original Special Edition/DTM 18s: LM reps 8.5x19 all round: AMG 5 spokes 8.5x19 front, 9.5x19 rear: LM reps 8.5x19 front, 9.5x19 rear: Touareg 9x19 all round: Carlsson 9x20 all round: Rial Daytona 8.5x19 front...
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    Wind Deflectors

    Probably an old thread, but a search popped this up... I thought the whole point was to reduce wind noise and allow ventilation?
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    Changed my wheels, so I thought I'd share...

    Yup, cheers :) I made the bumper as the Hofele one didn't utilise the centre S4 insert and I wanted it to sit a little lower than my old S-Line setup. There's a front-mount intercooler hiding behind it, which allowed room for the fogs as the original side-mount intercoolers were in the way.