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    Bluetooth and a OEM head unit.

    Please post a link to the one you bought and report back once you've got an opinion upon the one you've chosen. I'm looking to upgrade mine from the 30pin version I've currently got fitted.
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    Bluetooth and a OEM head unit.

    That first eBay link appears to be good! Second one appears ( to me ) to be a Bluetooth phone adaptor. Cause of the microphone. Very much could be wrong. Do report back as I'm currently using a **** iPhone adaptor as my connect 2 has the iPhone 30 pin plug, I'm using an adaptor which doesn't...
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    Bluetooth and a OEM head unit.

    I have an old version of this. You can buy one of the cheap £3 USB Bluetooth receivers and plug it into the connect 2 USB socket. This is an expensive one.
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    xenon headlights broke?

    There is a video on YouTube about how to get the motor arm/ball into the clip. You have to take it in from the side and slide it across the clip. It's an easy task, I've recently replaced these clips and takes less then 10 minutes...... on the offside anyway, battery out gives you all the access...