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    Q7 Do all q7 (4M) have Reverse Camera, Auto Park and electric folding Mirror as standard?

    Hi All Currently looking to buy a used 4M Q7. Wanted to know if the reverse camera, auto folding mirrors and auto park (think audi calling it parking aid plus) comes standard or not? I seen one Audi with a reverse camera on the tailgate, yet the sales person said it doesn’t have a reverse...
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    Q7 Confusion with Seat options (UK)

    Hi All I am currently after a 4M Q7. Looking at 2016-2018. I seen one on eBay, which was listed as a “SQ7 replica”, but what really interested me was that it had the Vorsprung Diamond Stitched seats. They did not have massage or ventilation though. It was a standard S-Line 3.0 TDI. I can...
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    Hub and suspension leg

    Hi guys I am trawling eBay looking for front passenger side wheel hub and also the suspension arm/shock absorber. Very confused with part numbers. Loads of listings say they have removed parts from pre facelift A7 but they all have slightly different part numbers. Hub: I think is 4g0407241c...