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    My 3.2 S3 8L

    Very nice and in the best colour!
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    Small meet london

    This would be nice if we all can meet before getting there!
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

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    Avant Tdi Sport

    Nice one perfect
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    Small meet london

    I am interested!
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    Here's is the start of my audio install (s3)

    Very interested in upgrading my audio as well, will take some ideas from here.
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    power loss audi s3 8l

    To old for that now:(
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    power loss audi s3 8l

    Yes i do very well, i used to race in 600 super-sport in Braga circuit.
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    power loss audi s3 8l

    Hi welcome! Were about in Portugal?
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    Diesel Rhino Additive - Forum Discount for

    Just ordered some for my car!
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    Stoke Audi Open Day

    I am up for it!:)
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    Going to look at a TDI 130 Sport

    For that kind of money there is loads around
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    Going to look at a TDI 130 Sport

    Make sure you go around the car and check everything, temperature as well all the usual checks, quattros are heavier so i think they are not as fast as 2wd but still good fun:)
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    Going to look at a TDI 130 Sport

    I have one of those 130 sport with 150k remapped and they are very easy to work and drive! Mine its a quattro not as fast as a 2wd , i like the colour of that one!make sure it has been serviced and yes cam belt should have been done! Or negotiate the price and get it done asap.
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    Best diesel additive

    I would try if there is a group buy