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    Audi Red Caliper paint code?

    sorry to bring up an old thread,did you get a good match for the brembo red in the end? cheers
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    Pfl injector failure

    just couldnt fund a FL :( seen alot of stage 2 cars about with no issues whatsover,if i keep the car for 3 years then maybe ill go down the route of new injectors and carbon clean Mrc do a stage 2 without the injectors and hpfp,presuming on a not all out tune and best for the mods it has
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    Pfl injector failure

    on a generic loaded map with panel filter atm(cant remember tuner)ive added the mrc high flow filter now i thought cheaply going stage 2: gutting cats from oem downpipe remove centre box for straight through pipe custom TTU intake pipe forge fmic high pressure fuel pump upgrade ecu an dsg map...
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    Pfl injector failure

    Hi guys, just doing some research on the 'H' revision injectors that are running in my czgb engine ive personally had 1 fail on tuning with my golf 6r,luckily caught in time,im wondering now especially on the tuning side is there anyone know or had this problem? 1 company wont tune me to stage 2...
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    RSQ3 Airbox

    After fitting my new Bmc filter from Mrc i was curious to see my airbox at the front had this little opening on the bottom but facing backwards?? now i would of thought for extra airflow it would point towards the front grill?? cheers
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    RSQ3 Dash notice,low battery,drive to charge?

    Update guys bit the bullet and bought a new battery,fitted and coded myself and looking healthy across the board on vcds,actually left it 2 weeks and went to it yesterday and started no probs or warning on the dash of battery low
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    RSQ3 Dash notice,low battery,drive to charge?

    thanks buddy,will call around monday and get it sorted
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    RSQ3 Dash notice,low battery,drive to charge?

    well after an hour on tickover yesterday came to the car this morning and plugged my usb phone charger in as it reads the voltage,11,6v,now the car started no problem and once running a consistant 14.1v going back in,driven it for around 40 mins and tickover waiting for the misses in the shops...
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    RSQ3 Dash notice,low battery,drive to charge?

    thats probably the way to go,new battery before the bad weather comes,glad you explained the vcds screen,60% is barely starting the car a few times haha,cheers
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    RSQ3 Dash notice,low battery,drive to charge?

    Guys,the rsq3 has sat for a week and this message popped up,car started fine,only did 10 miles yesterday but with heated seats on,lights etc,heaters,think the batterys not getting enough charge back into it from short journeys? Had a code through vagcom and measured the blocks for the...
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    RSQ3 RS Q3 lowering

    so has anyone been and dropped the rsq3 then? i have a 2016 performance model,my worry is to lose the comfort,this is the main reason health wise to get the q3 for the height and comfort but a subtle drop of 25mm say surely will help cornering,squat down and look loads better like a proper RS...
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    RSQ3 RSQ3 mods then mapping and price advise

    Hey guys, im after some advice on going stage 2 on the RS,at the moment it has the Mrc high flow filter on and secondary decats removed on a celtic tuning map stage 1 which is ok but would like a bit more haha,heres the options im waying up Mrc stage 2 map with mods,high flow panel filter and...
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    Wanted RS3 airbox adapter

    hey guys, ill add a picture of the part i need circled in blue please,if anyones got a spare or new to sell or even the part number for it so i can soursce 1 would be well apreciated cheers simon
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    RS Q3 to RS3 airbox

    Can someone just confirm this is just an adapter please?not got a Maf in there etc i need this part in blue to custom make/fit the motorsport pipe cheers
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    RSQ3 Eventuri on RSQ3

    read a few times that theres no off the shelf intakes for us,either 1 thats close to fit would need modifying probably